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The Exceptional Trainer?

Excellent! Purchased in quantity by and for Comm Centers Trainers!

Motivational and inspiring. Our favorite book to recommend. Also expanded in the Workshop Series of 10.


911 Magazine Says:
“…this book should be considered an essential guide for all public safety Comm Centers that are committed to training – and that ought to be each and every one of them. With an easy going, unassuming, and fun to read style, embellished by thought provoking quotations both sublime and likeably ridiculous, Sue lays out a cornucopia of food for thought.”
911 Magazine, Product in Review R. Larson, Editor


Looking at the Old with New Eyes

Does Your Training Program Measure Up?

Shaping an Ideal Program

Yikes! I’m a Trainer. Now What?

Bringing Adult Learning Theory Home

Ten Creative Console Training Ideas

Creative Classroom Techniques and Tips

The Fine Art of Noticing

When Things Go Real Real Wrong!

The Visionary Trainer

Do You Love Evaluations? You Should!

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