9-1-1 Reality PLUS Simulator + Text + Mapping


What is the missing link? What will improve retention and skills?  Practice, evaluate, consult, practice, evaluate, consult, practice! 

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Our PLUS station is plug and train (image above shows 1 Instructor/2 Students configuration $29,925.00).  One Instructor to One Student $19,950.

Comm Centers can prepare learners FLOOR READY with generic pre-CAD,  911 multi-line calls, radio training, text to 9-1-1 and customized features.  Full audio and digital documentation of all trainee sessions with instructor notes and full audio recordings.

Improve retention and learn more about skills and abilities with simulation. Loaded with video tutorials for next to zero learning curve for trainers and trainees.  Simulators are the first step as a foundation for knowledge, skills and attitude builder for ‘floor ready’ trainees.  This step is often missing when trainees reach the floor not prepared for actual calls.  Know sooner who needs to progress – who needs to go.

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911 Reality PLUS Specs 2020

  • PLUS includes two advanced features; mapping and text to 9-1-1. This station is using a pre-programmed router using agency internet.
  • Our generic CAD card is Pre-CAD use for better an easy transition into of a more complex CAD learning.
  •  911 Reality is portable and can easily and effortlessly be transported to other locations for lab training.  No IT needed.

BEST VALUE $29,925.00*  One Instructor to Two Students as in the image.


  • Multiple phone lines
  • Multiple radio channels
  • Text to 9-1-1
  • City or Town mapping
  • Recording storage
  • Login Screens
  • Student CAD reports
  • Instructor Notes
  • Traffic Stop Popup
  • Session recording
  • Screen video capture
  • Background Sounds
  • Call types Programmable
  • Units Programmable
  • ALI addresses Programmable
  • Wireless Call ID
  • Ring Down Lines
  • Wireless Calls
  • Business Line
  • Recording Studio
  • On Screen Capture
  • Plug and Play
  • Video Tutorials
  • Color Coded Responses
  • Real time view of student CAD entry
  • Premise History and Flags
  • Warranty and no cost upgrades.


Improve retention and skills for new hires.  In addition re-energize and update your in-service classes by adding to your simulator $1500 productsGo Shopping Catalogue


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ONE ON ONE $19,950.00, ONE ON TWO $29,925.00