Where Did It All Begin?

Our Mission for Over 30 Years!

9-1-1 continues to face hiring and retention challenges.  Our company’s mission is to promote and support changes that will improve Comm Center hiring and retention.  How? We believe two major factors could make a difference.

First, implement high school career tech and voc-ed college 9-1-1 career training in every community.  This will take recognition that 9-1-1 is a profession worthy of as many hours of career training as the other public safety responders. This is not happening fast enough. Won’t you join us in the effort?

Second, implement “floor-ready” training. 9-1-1 Reality Simulators are the call taker/dispatchers Resusci-Anne, burn house, and firing range.  Trainees deserve to be trained on simulators. Simulation training increases confidence, proficiency, and retention.  Watch Here.

Our mission is to energize and expand agency training programs and assist with administration, supervisor, and trainer training and support. For over 30 years we have provided training tools such as skills exercises, e-books, inspiration, and support to the profession we love. Our passion is to support Comm Centers like yours in any way we can.


Help Us In Improving Hiring and Retention?  We work daily with high schools and vocational colleges to include 9-1-1 in their course offerings. Our company is committed to offering 9-1-1 career education to every high school and vocational college in the nation.  We have a loooong way to go! Won’t you join us by contacting and supporting your local high school or college in starting a career tech course for 9-1-1?

Thank you in advance!

Sue Pivetta and Professional Pride staff.

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