Where Did It All Begin?

She wanted to end the hiring crisis!

Over twenty years ago, Sue Pivetta had a problem. Her 9-1-1 Comm Center was facing a hiring crisis: We were hiring five and losing seven. One evening over dinner with friends, someone asked why she didn’t go to the college or high school tech program to find trained people.  They train people for careers, don’t they?

Good question. Bad answer! There were no vocational training programs in the entire U.S. or Canada for her chosen life work. So, Sue worked with Renton Technical College using a DACUM or Develop A Curriculum to start the first 9-1-1 career training course in the nation. In that capacity, and out of need, Sue put together a team of 9-1-1 professional educators to create a hands on call taking and radio simulator for a lab and hands on learning.

Filling the vital need.  Sue’s dean asked her to step away from the copier and write a 9-1-1 textbook.  Eventually there was a need for ‘certification’ for the curriculum.  Her team went to NENA’s ENP test validation company, PTC or Professional Testing Corporation of NYC, and created NECC, an online certification final exam. This textbook, curriculum, simulator and certification course are now an online course at www.9-1-1Academy.com. So it’s been a journey to follow the need.

Comm Center and Academies began to realize that simulation with multiple phone lines, radio, and 3 kinds of DOCUMENTATION was needed to get trainees ‘floor ready’.  It was the missing link to training and retention.

Update to today.  Now Sue has a company of professional 9-1-1 educators helping Comm Centers, high schools and colleges start this needed career course.  Over the years, Professional Pride, Inc has also created over 80 needed products to assist and train managers, supervisors, trainers and telecommunicators.

The hiring, training and retention CRISIS? In addition, agencies began to see the need for career education in order to meet the need for trained and evaluated candidates.  They began to work with local high schools and colleges to create career training for 9-1-1.  Sue’s team works every day to help schools provide education for those wishing to enter 9–1-1 as a career. In 2018 www.911CareerTraining.com was offered to promote and offer a turnkey program to start career training for this amazing work.

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