Where Did It All Begin?

She wanted to end the hiring crisis!

Over twenty years ago, Sue Pivetta had a problem. Her 9-1-1 Comm Center was facing a hiring crisis: We were hiring five and losing seven. One evening over dinner with friends, someone asked why she didn’t go to the college or high school tech program to find trained people.

Good question. Bad answer! There were no vocational training programs in the entire U.S. or Canada for her chosen life work. So, Sue started the first vocational course in the nation at Renton Technical College. In that capacity she put together a team of 911 professionals to create hands on simulators, a curriculum, textbook and an online certification final exam.

Update to today.  Now Sue has a company of professional 911 educators helping Comm Centers use these tools for entry level training. Comm Centers began to realize that simulation with multiple phone lines, radio, sound effects and 3 kinds of DOCUMENTATION was needed to get trainees ‘floor ready’.  It was the missing link.

Does simulation work to build skills?   Yes, you will improve skills and retention AND find out sooner who is fit. Get your trainees FLOOR READY.

Give Your Trainers a Great Tool To Increase Skills!



Plug and Train Portable Simulator


Entry Level Full 10 Unit Textbook


Final Knowledge  Online Exams