Thinking About Adding Simulation? FAQ

Does the simulator interface with our CAD or GIS?

The simulator is a stand alone training tools that is customized to fit your addressing, call types, units, ring down lines, sound effects. Documentation of all calls, trainer notes and recordings track the trainee at the very entry level time they first require a ‘foundation’ for CAD and call taking. It’s plug and train and requires no IT or complicated interface – it’s an entry level training tool before moving to CAD for ‘floor ready’ training.

Your addressing and mapping can be entered into the program.  The addressing requires Long/Lat in the addressing and that brings up your addressing for residences and businesses.  You also will offer us your call types and responses or units that we will customize before delivery (or you can change or accomplish this after delivery). 

We have provided an entry level ‘generic’ CAD that helps the new trainee to understand CAD at it’s basic level.  The trainee will handle calls and enter into the generic entry in CAD and work through the ‘process’ of emergency call taking and radio dispatch outside the actual CAD programs – in order to prepare them for ‘any’ CAD. 

As you know there are a multitude of CAD programs and our simulation for beginning hands on learning was designed to jump start the learner to understand ‘basics’ before complexity – needed in adult learning skills.  Once they do the work of call taking and generic CAD entry and radio dispatch and tracking a call they are much better prepared for the complexity of CAD and radio dispatch.  We call it ‘floor ready’ training. 

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