“Those basic skills I developed prior to having protocols is no longer learned by our new hires. 

I can see that having the simulator brings them back to basics.”   

Let them practice protocols on phone, radio and text!! Installation fee $1100 completed by our IT.  You will need a ‘dongle’ and a training license from Priority Dispatch Corp.  Ask for a quote support@911Trainer.com  here for ProQA on PLUS Simulators. 

Here you can build a better understanding of the protocols working with foundation skills while on the phone, text or radio with our muli-tasking simulator.  Step 1 – take calls without protocols.  Step 2 – transfer that knowledge and skill into using and understanding protocols. Step 3 – practice, evaluate, practice, evaluate, document, evaluate Step 4 FLOOR READY!

With this option protocols are only activated by contacting Priority Dispatch Corp (PDC) to validate or purchase a training license.  Complete installation requires a ‘dongle’ to be sent by PDC to the owner.  PDC will remotely install XLerator onto the stations to complete the activation process.  Contact salesassociates@prioritydispatch.net  to activate. YOUR AGENCY WILL NEED A ‘DONGLE’ FROM PDC. Contact your PDC Representative. 

Press Release 911 Reality Plus ProQA-2  Add ProQA onto your  9-1-1 Reality PLUS multi line phone, radio and text to 911 simulator station at NO cost to Comm Centers owning a training license.  A training license can be purchased by ProQA clients for use with 911 Reality PLoQA Postcard 2