Winging It! Supervisor Q & A (Hardcopy)


“Hi, Sue —I have been reading “Supervisor Q&A.” I was recently promoted to shift supervisor. A co-worker suggested your book “Winging It!”  I find it very insightful and helpful. I think it truly reflects what happens in the dispatch center. Thanks!”— Kristi Kanski, Shift Supervisor Red River Regional Dispatch, Fargo, ND


50 questions 50 inspiring helpful answers


Question #1 “Sometimes I feel like I have pressure from both sides and I’m not sure what my role is here. It’s frustrating and I’m not sure where I fit!” … page 1

#2 “It seems like there are so many different demands from people and for things to get done. How can I look at all this in a more positive light?” … page 3

#3 “I’m not sure I am a leader, what does it take to be a great leader?” … page 5

#4 “I can see so many things that need to change that often I get overwhelmed. How can I keep from getting disappointed by the people that just don’t care?” … page 7

#5 “There is the leader I want to be, then there is the leader that I try to be – but sometimes I just don’t feel adequate. I know a leader needs to be confident, what can I do to appear more confident when I’m not?” … page 9

#6 “The Supervisor before me was lazy and useless. People don’t seem to cooperate with me because of him. What can I do to create a new atmosphere between us?” … page 11

#7 “How do I establish the line between supervisor and friend?” … page 13

#8 “We don’t have enough supervisors and the person who is supposed to be our leader isn’t really connected to us and doesn’t understand our needs. Does having a connected leader make that much difference in an organization?” … page 15

#9 “I am exhausting myself with this supervisor position. How can I do everything I need to do and still stay in touch with everyone too?” … page 17

#10 “I am a people person and I’m finding that being a supervisor involves a lot of liability and other paperwork things like documentation and laws, stuff I don’t feel prepared to do. What can I do to be better at the management side of being a supervisor?” … page 19

#11 “I’m a new supervisor. HELP?” … page 21

#12 “I miss the work of call taking and dispatching and am thinking I want to go back but I also feel that wouldn’t be a good choice. Is this normal?” … page 23

#13 “What is the most important skill a supervisor can possess?” … page 25

#14 “I don’t like confrontation, how do I avoid it?” … page 27

#15 “Since I became a supervisor, people have changed the way they treat me and I feel uncomfortable around them now. Is there a way to make things return to normal?” … page 29

#16 “What kind of personality must a successful supervisor have?” … page 31

#17 “How can I deal with all the wars between different groups?” … page 33

#18 “How can I keep from being ‘sucked into’ the friction here?” … page 35

#19 “There are some people who just seem to be jealous and do what they can to create grief for me, what can I do about them?”… page 37

#20 “A lot of poor management things happened before I came on as supervisor which generated a lot of stress and all around terrible workplace negativity. What can I do about stuff that has happened before? They can’t seem to get past it to change their typical negative patterns.” … page 39

AND 30 MORE QUESTIONS LIKE THIS…. and answers that will support, encourage and inspire.