Way To Go 911 – Suicidal Molester Video


OMG this call was a difficult one and she did a great job.  Way to go.


VIDEO SENT FLASH FILE. Way To Go 911 series came after watching ‘don’t do this‘ training going on way too much.  You know where poor work, work that ended up in lawsuits and very difficult calls were meant to teach trainees what NOT to do.  We decided it was time to find great (but not perfect) calls and use these to demonstrate the great work that happens every day in the Comm Center.  So we found three that we scripted and then went exhaustively through the call pulling out the TOOLS and skills used by the call taker.  So yes, way to go call takers.  We also did point out anything that could have been better and why.

Suicidal Molester is a great call to use for training.  The call taker did a great job of controlling the caller and the scene with her tools, her voice, her demeanor and just plain great skill.

Great training tool for call takers – teach not only tools but ‘critical thinking’.  There let’s recognize good work!!  This call is too large to download so is sent on our flash drive.