Updating Reality BASIC Simulator


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Hi there!  We have a new build that has some features you will like.  It’s simple, no need to uninstall just install and maybe put a new desktop image and delete old.  A little more work if you have custom addressing but not too much.

This is the latest build screen shot so if your stations does not look like this you don’t have the latest. Also one other change besides the look is that the recorder is embedded in the program.  I am attaching your new User Manuals, images, instructions and the zip that has the build in it.  Just follow the directions and get your new updated amazing 911 Reality Simulator.  You will also install a new desktop look that will update your stations.

Any questions or need assistance please call 253.435.0911 or email Sue@911trainer.com.  Thank you!

You must use the build for the proper station – there are PLUS stations and BASIC station – this download is for BASIC only.  Not sure?  See below the difference.


 This is the BASIC simulator

This is the PLUS simulator

 New Desktop –

  • right click on this –
  • save to your flash drive –
  • take it to the appropriate stations –
  • put in Pictures – right click –
  • Set As Desktop Background.

These files are also in the zip you download.