9-1-1 SOP Cut and Paste (Flash Drive)



Comm Center SOP, Cut & Paste Generic Procedures




1. Table Of Contents


This entire package come to you on a Flash Drive for downloading all the Word files.  Use what you need police, fire, ems, personnel policy. call taking, radio. Above is the actual first chapter in your documents.  You can use this to create a NEW SOP or to compare and contrast to your own.  You probably have something – is it valid, valued, loved, hated, outdated, confusing.  Here is a great way to get a team on your side – a virtual team.  Updated policies include fragrances, personal communications devices at work, Homeland Security needs. Maybe not every possible thing but definitely an organized set of policies that can actually get done quickly as you add your unique needs! Time saver!

“This product came along at the best time for us. We will begin the process of Accreditation with CALEA and APCO later this year. This program is much easier to use that I thought. I recommend this to anyone that truly wants a professional appearance, easily read and defendable Standing Operating Procedure.” Seminole County 911

If you are charged with creating or updating an SOP you can use this tool. No more hours and hours of gathering, confirming, word processing and trying to figure out what might be good wording. It’s here and it’s a wonderful beginning to a very huge project – are you are trying to do it alone or by borrowing other agencies SOP? If the answer is yes, you need this product.

Here is how…we created sections of SOP in Word and put them on a Flash Drive. We created a process and instructions on how to get this ‘done’ the right way. For example – do you have a buy in from the floor? Are these SOP workable, understood? Others give you tons of advice on how to do SOP, why you need them, how important they are, how you should write them. They didn’t live with them or the struggle to get it done. They did NOT take the work out of it. We did! Now you can put all that knowledge to work.

This unique product makes it EASY to design, develop or update your Comm Center SOP. Design Committee forms, hard copy in organized folders you can download and create, and (this is the BEST part) all generic procedures in WORD files . Download, work it and there you go.

We took the work out of Standard Operating Procedures.