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Sexual Harassment In The Comm Center
“Comes between you and a lawsuit.”



How about a book by two authors that have been in the Comm Center and know about sexual harassment first hand?  Instant Training Download. Got sexual jokes or horseplay? Federal Mandates to train this vital topic before court! Besides most people don’t understand this topic and consider any guidelines from Supervisors as ‘restrictions’ – this presentation will change all that and people will ‘want’ to do things differently – protecting you. The book is a great console read with REAL lawsuits to 911. The PowerPoint is for training, easy to modify but has the format you need to stay legal. Why not be educated for less than the price of one workshop.  Use PO 4911 to download free.

Don’t wait until it’s a problem. True story – innocent relationship. James lost his job as a trainer in a comm center – and spent time in jail because he thought his relationship with a trainee was mutual. This course may have saved him.

This sure-fire information keeps your agency current.

“I believe we have purchased every tape, book and program that you have developed.”

Mark Denke, Sanders County 911