PD What To Ask? THINK!


Think series is intended for entry level trainee floor ready, CAD pre training. Actual 9-1-1 Calls with lists of questions to ask. Got APCO, Priority or Power Phone protocols? How do we learn. We all learn by compare and contrast, analysis, questioning all lead by an expert in the field – you. Let them think.


Over 150 real 911 calls and what to ask suggestions. The police calls are divided into three groups of all police call types. Each contains call types that begin with those letters. As you can see this is an amazing collection well done for entry level learner or for In Service to compare and contrast with current SOP.

Listeners and a facilitator can discuss the call taker’s work. This learning is so essential. We have taught with calls for years but until now, there has not been a library of calls such as this. We have collected and upgraded the calls and created a beautiful Power Point with links to the calls for YOU. You can also use the additional ppt to make your own call cards using your calls and guidance.

The samples are not narrated but the calls can be heard. Wanted to show you the product and how it can be used.