4 Scripted Police Calls Download


“Every profession uses TOOLS.  Here you must look a the ‘work’ and the end product and analyze the tools used or missing.”  Sue Pivetta


COMPARE, CONTRAST protocols, best practices and voice and tone of these call takers.  EXCELLENT TRAINING.

Download after ordering with a credit card.  PO must be approved then download.

**Mom Shoots Man Needing Help – **Abduction GPS Saves – **Sinking Car – **Burg Victim Endangered

These are in depth training products because they allow both new and experienced people to take a serious look at the actual work of 9-1-1.  Question each actual scripted call and determine if the ‘promise’ was kept to; send the correct units to the correct location as quickly as possible while protecting the caller and public. Did they do that?

Expand your training tools or boost your In Service training to be even more interesting than ever before!!! Truly the best training tool ever created for critical thinking training.