NECC Instructor Certification


Certifications are designated credentials earned by an individual to verify their legitimacy and competence to perform a job.You can know many things about the work, but can you DO the job? Therefore NECC includes a ‘skills’ assessment.



Upon ordering download the documents to obtain the directons for certification. Instructor NECC Certification requires the Instructor to pass the same exam as the students at 80%. Additionally the Instructor Certification requires a commitment to proctor a skills exam in a lab or simulation setting. NECC Instructor Certification is online and one time – effective for as long as the Instructor is actually training and/or proctoring student exams under the following agreements:

Participation in this 132 question online certification exam is the commitment to use the required textbook “9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual” by Sue Pivetta, as the textbook for eligibility to complete this exam. (6th edition, 2021)

Additionally completed, at Instructor’s best discretion, the ability to successfully complete the 9-1-1 call handling SKILLS exam. The skills exam consists of successfully handling three complete 9-1-1 calls; police, fire and EMS – two at the same time.

Instructors are responsible for ensuring that every student proctored has met these minimum requirements of both KNOWLDEGE and SKILLS, in order to validate the issued NECC Certification.

•It is the Instructor’s responsibility also to maintain proof of records for all certifications obtained under their instruction. Students must print or save their NECC Certificate given to them after passing the exam. NECC will not distribute certificates or scores. NECC stores scores only. By written request, the ‘justifications’ document will be provided for any disputed answers. Occasional updates to Terms of Agreement may be required by industry changes.