Liability Book & CD with 9-1-1 Lawsuit Calls


This is a great practical guide to non scare tactics for understanding liability in the 9-1-1 industry.  How to avoid liability and many terms your people need to know.  However, we don't just talk the talk, we give you real 911 lawsuits with mp3 files, case study and court documents.



If you teach liability you NEED this product! 3 Actual lawsuits mp3 and court docs included so your trainers can study. You can order on CD or download. BONUS includes Liability Jeopardy game (because this is a very important subject). A lot of training for your in service workshop…and much less than a workshop or online course and last for years to come. About 4 hours total or you design.

This 200 page eFlip Book is included with (3) actual 9-1-1 calls in the news – mp3 and the case studies that come with them.

Our Quick Study Liability eBook offers you a full written and practical guide to liability on the workplace – no scare – no legalmush.

Historically we have been scaring our people, no need. If things are right in the agency no need to spend energy worrying about liability. Sell the need for following procedures with this course. Review actual 9-1-1 calls and court cases to create an experience for your academy, training program or individual trainee.

Use the ppt template to make your own case for liability in your agency.