Trainer’s 9-1-1 Liability & Accountability eBook and PPT Download


“From this easy to read ebook together with the Power Point template a trainer can put together a valuable training for entry level learning.”



Liability eBook and Common Sense Power Point offers your TRAINERS a TEMPLATE to customize as needed.  The ebook is a practical guide to liability in the workplace – no scare – just some common sense approach for trainers.

Review actual 9-1-1 calls and court cases to create an experience for your academy, training program or individual trainee.

EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK  The scope of the training for liability issues in 9-1-1 may be limited by the very nature of our law system. A saying comes to mind, “That depends.” There are so many variables in a lawsuit, all one must do to know this is to become involved in a lawsuit or sit as a juror. Like 9-1-1 calls, no two lawsuits will ever be the same. The people, places, circumstances and laws change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. What would be the best way to approach the subject of liability for Emergency Communications? First, it would be good to dispel myths.