4 EMD Scripted Video Downloads


Telling is not teaching, listening is not learning.  How about analyzing, comparing and contrasting – and questioning.  These are critical thinking training if used in your academy.


Mandatory EMD In Service – here you go.  Challenge your EMD trainees to think critically, compare and contrast EMD protocols.  Were these calls fitting OUR protocols, if not why not and did it matter?

These are the best training products because they allow both new and experienced people to take a serious look at the actual work of 9-1-1 and determine if the ‘promise of 911’ was kept to send the correct units to the correct location as quickly as possible while protecting the caller and public. Some very difficult callers here, invaluable training.

Expand your training tools or boost your In Service training to be even more interesting than ever before!!! Truly the best training tool ever created for critical thinking training.

**Abusive Caller – **Car Sinking – ** EMD Delayed – **Self Heimlich (awesome)