9-1-1 Training Manual ‘Template’


If your e-training manual (if you have one) is outdated.  Or your hard copy looks like a floppy eared patchwork quilt, this is a great place to start. Create a  (digital) Training Manual  TODAY with a little help from your friends.



Let’s tell you what this is all about!  Use if your current training manual (if you have one) is floppy eared, outdated or somewhere in ‘sure we’ll get it done someday’ or ‘Oh that, it’s outdated.’ Download, do the work and then load it to your network.

All your documents organized and ready to download.

Trust us, in a liability situation the first thing the lawyers want is your training manual.   Awesome, awesome, awesome.  We have included Design Team process and forms and how to create your online TRAINING MANUAL. Includes basic guidelines on what to put into each unit category.

We included sample personnel guidelines that you can view and substitute your own. Are all your trainers on the same page, or does each individual “do their own thing”? Give them a training manual that everyone can follow with clear instructions, forms and consistent ways of training.  Sign off on each section.  Print or eManual – we provided the template, you do the minimal amount of work by following the signs to SUCCESS.

So  check it out, this is just one of many sections that will add to your hard copy or virtual new TRAINING MANUAL.  (FINALLY)