Call Taking Set- 4 Games & Exercises Download


“Learning can be and should be fun.  Listening isn’t learning and telling isn’t teaching.”  Sue Pivetta


LISTEN ABOVE TO DEXTERITY GAME – unlimited printing of the cards and worksheet…fun!

Download the zip file and extract the four games for teaching skills for call taking.

This set of great call-taker training games (pdf and audio files) and exercises includes:

Manual Dexterity: A series of four exercises that increase in complexity. The audio instructs the student to place 12 Cards on the table in a variety of changing moves.

Speedwriting: Names, addresses and phone numbers are given at a speed that is tolerable for typing and learning. Can be used to test a trainee on how well they can type into a CAD system.

Phonetic Practice: A series of famous and not so famous names spelled phonetically. Gets faster and faster. Alpha Bravo Version Included.

Multi Task Split Ear: This our most popular, used by many agencies for hiring. Extremely difficult. Alpha Bravo Version Included.

Fantastic addition to your entry level training class or academy! A favorite best seller.