Call Taking Book & Power Point


(11) 9-1-1 call takers will demonstrate the work with their actual 911 calls, we explain the 'tools'.   Highly recommend this product to academies. Table Of Contents and Power Point Slides.  The Power Point has 9-1-1 calls embedded.  Excellent at explaining the TOOLS OF THE TRADE through examples of the actual work.  The template allows your trainers to make it their own.  Invest in good training tools for your trainers today.  A full in service or academy training can be a two day session or customize to fit your needs. 



Call Receiving Mastery is the first and only training to offer a ‘TOOL BOX ‘ full of practical best practices matched by 9-1-1 study calls in a Power Point CD to bring the information alive. Call order on CD or Download (be patient, the 911 calls make it a large file).

This concise book explores competency levels, KSAs, tools and practical and useful information for Emergency Call Takers. (11) 9-1-1 calls embedded in a Power Point slide show demonstrate the concepts offered in this training.

The 150+ page book is accompanied by a CD or downloaded ppt with actual 9-1-1 calls.  See for yourself how the information in the book compares to the slides and calls!  As always Sue delivers some great thoughts on naming the best practices and ‘ways of doing things right’ from her popular workshop.  Now packaged for your trainees without leaving home.

Great NEW concept in call taker training for much less than one workshop and will live long past the ‘lecture’.  Comparable to 20 hours of training, retraining or inservice.  What we like to do with this is introduce the TOOLS and then have the learners identify where the tools were used or MISSING in the calls presented.  Awesome learning.