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9-1-1 Hiring ’10’ Steps to Predicting Success

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911 Magazine Review of 9-1-1 Hiring:

“This book needs to be in every agency – and it needs to be READ! Step 7 alone should be required reading at every business I have ever been a part of in 35 years – and especially the 9-1-1 agencies who continually decry the terrible hiring problems. Easy to read, easy to understand and from someone who obviously lived in the Comm Center. ” 911 Magazine

Down to earth, practical guide to improving your Comm Center hiring. After reading this, you can be sure some changes will be made!

“…all of our training personnel got a chance to look over your materials and everyone found them very impressive.”

Handford County, Maryland Division of Emergency Operations



Step 1 ‘8’ Employment Laws You Need To Know

Step 2 Conducting a Position Analysis

Step 3 Preparing a Vacancy Announcement

Step 4 Preparing Application Screening

Step 5 Preparing Screening Criteria

Step 6 Job Tests

Step 7 Designing Effective Interviews

Step 8 Selection Criteria

Step 9 Keeping Your New Hire