9-1-1 Desktop Academy Curriculum


We recently purchased the Desktop Academy. We highly recommend this product for your training program.”  John Familio  Training Mgr Oswego NY E 9-1-1


Who should purchase the Desktop Academy?

COMM CENTERS Does your current training include skills practice, entry level learning games and exercises, actual 9-1-1 calls scripted?  Is your training a bit tired and kinda old and not exciting?  Learning should be engaging and energetic!  This for both the trainer and the trainee.

9-1-1 Trainer’s Manual See the extensive learning your new hires and in service could have.  Own it to integrate into your training program needing a boost, lift, spice, fun and depth.

Increase knowledge, retention and skills with this full 10 unit 911 Academy.  Now you have it all to add to your current training.  These ten units of study were proven to be what is needed.

AND you can add your choice of In Service training tools and ebooks for those who have been there done that and need motivation to honor their skill and knowledge.  We also can load up Train the Trainer series, Training Manual Template, SOP Cut and Paste – your choice up to $1500.

OPTIONAL NECC Certification and www.9-1-1Academy.com


Delivered a full digital curriculum on a Lenovo Desktop Computer All In One.  All  ten units of study are in individual folders.