9-1-1 Academy Curriculum + Certification + Online Academy


ONLINE 9-1-1 Academy + Certification 1 Year Subscription Unlimited Learners


Who Needs This Entry Level 9-1-1 Ten Unit Career Course? 

A School that wants to OWN the curriculum and online course – not subscribe.

Own the hardcopy course and the online course with unlimited students.

How Can I Acquire This Online 911 Academy?

  1.  Owners of our Desktop Academy for $4895.00  own the hard copy digital course and the online academy
  2. The 9-1-1 Academy is delivered on a All In One Desktop computer station

How Many Learners Can I Train Each Year

  • Unlimited learners for each School, College, Academy or Comm Center.  You will receive a Site License for one year use.

How Can I Preview This Online Course?

  • Go here  www.9-1-1Academy.com
  • All of the training material and the NECC certifications are loaded onto the desktop computer

Is There Help For Managing The Course?

  • Both Learners and Instructors have Video Tutorials AND Personal Online Assistance that can be scheduled PST M-Thurs 0800 – 1400.

How Do Instructors Get Certified To Teach This Course?

  • The validated online NECC Certification is no cost to instructors and $15 online fee for students with free retakes

Here are some videos that explain the online course you will own. 

Below More How To Enroll Students With A Coupon Code 

Students watch how they will work through the information.