9-1-1 Desktop Academy Curriculum + Certification + Online Academy


This Desktop 9-1-1 Academy comes on an All In One Computer with hard copy training material and access to the 9-1-1Academy.com Online Course.


Who should purchase the Desktop Academy?

COMM CENTERS Does your current training include skills practice, entry level learning games and exercises, actual 9-1-1 calls scripted?  Is your training a bit tired and kinda old and not exciting?  Learning should be engaging and energetic!  This for both the trainer and the trainee.  Increase retention and skills with this Desktop Academy AND you can add your choice of In Service training tools and ebooks for those who have been there done that and need motivation to honor their skill and knowledge.  We also can load up Train the Trainer series.

HIGH SCHOOLS AND VOCATIONAL COLLEGES  This curriculum is loaded onto our 9-1-1 Reality Simulator.  However, you may not need a simulator. If you do not teach 9-1-1 career training you definitely need this full 10 unit curriculum developed in a DACUM process. Why? 9-1-1 is in a hiring crisis and need YOU.  9-1-1 hires at 18.  We are from both 9-1-1 and vocational training. We know your needs so there is ONE cost, ONE source, ONE company completely interested in your teacher and student success in 9-1-1.  NO IT NEEDED, plug and teach. We are from 9-1-1 so you are working with the experts.  We listened to your need for certification online final exam, and full 10 unit *textbook.  You are a school or college that does not wish to shop around for  a turnkey, one price program you can OWN. This includes the ONLINE ACADEMY one course FREE to check it out.


Delivered a full digital curriculum on a Desktop Computer All In One.  All  ten units of study are in individual folders.  Purchasing the full curriculum comes with a permanent site license.  The same material is also in the (10) unit 9-1-1Academy.com online course if you wish to use online training.  This 9-1-1 academy curriculum  is only available to our 9-1-1 Reality Simulator  Desktop Academy owners.

This 9-1-1 Academy was developed in a DACUM process at Renton Technical College Board of 9-1-1 Advisors in the Seattle area.  The NECC Certification was validated by Professional Testing Corporation of NY (NENA ENP testing company).  Printable Flyer Desktop Academy

*The 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual is required hard copy textbook.

**$485 yearly subscription yearly unlimited students.



What are the ten units in the book and the course of study for this 9-1-1 Academy? 


How Many Learners Can I Train Each Year?

  • Unlimited learners for each School, College, Academy or Comm Center.

How Can I Preview This Online Course?

Is There Help For Managing The Course?

  • Both Learners and Instructors have Video Tutorials AND Personal Online Assistance that can be scheduled PST M-Thurs 0800 – 1400.

How Do Instructors Get Certified To Teach This Course?

  • The validated online NECC Certification is no cost to instructors and $15 online fee for students with 1 retake


Here are some videos that explain the ONLINE course if you wish a subscription along with your Desktop Academy. 

Below More How To Enroll Students With A Coupon Code 

Students watch how they will work through the information.