9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual-6th with E-Workbook


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 9-1-1 Manual & Workbook Download Now – Book is Shipped

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Over a year in the working and in it’s 5th edition, this text provides important new information on topics such as terrorism and stress management. This is definitely a must-have for any agency training program or new hire. This text is purchased in bulk by college and vocational training programs throughout the US and Canada. Over 9000 copies sold to date.

First published as a college text book – now also in demand by trainers in Comm Centers. The 9-1-1 Manual was recently approved as a training text for the state of Missouri and soon to be Mississippi. You can find the manual well used in countless 911 agencies, police and fire departments.

Our customers order the manual as a student text for Training Academies and College programs. Over 400 pages of relevant, easy to read current information about emergency communications.

Student Workbook for self-directed learning or classroom programs.


EXPLORING EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS – Wild Calling. Learn about the entire Emergency Communications network, the job, the complexity and the reality of the work ‘from the trenches’ approach.

STRESS MANAGEMENT – The Wellness Book 911. Practical in depth understanding of the nature and causes of stress in this workplace. Includes negativity information and staying well on shift-work. Ideas that work in this high pressure world.

EMERGENCY CALL TAKING – 911, What Are You Reporting. A fascinating insiders look at 911 calls and the dynamics of emergency call receiving basics and more.

EMD COMMUNICATIONS – Chain of Survival. Concepts of EMD and the history, formulation of giving pre-arrival and assessing signs and symptoms over the phone. Medic One paramedic co-authored this material.

POLICE COMMUNICATIONS – Badge #911. An Intriguing study of police communications systems. Sections are grouped by Crimes Against Persons and Crimes Against Property.

ENHANCED 911 – Saving Seconds, Saving Lives. An in-depth study of the 911 system from the author of the National Emergency Number Association’s 911 Puzzle Book.

FIRE COMMUNICATIONS – High Performance Team. Student book is an absorbing survey of fire communications to include ICS and Hazmat, co-authored by a Fire Lt.

CRISIS INTERVENTION – Making a Difference. Student book is an intense study of crisis intervention, rape, domestic violence, rape trauma and how to be an intervention expert – extracts from Crisis Clinic training modules.

LIABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY – 911 Here Comes the Judge. A quick study on concepts of the law that make sense and quiet the fears by providing definite guidelines and information on liability, the courts systems and about the law.

EMERGENCY RADIO – The Crucial Link. Common and safe methods for ensuring that the emergency radio protects and serves the responders and the citizens.