9-1-1 Under Pressure – Mindfulness Exercises – 3 eBooks


“I  rarely read a book cover to cover –  couldn’t put this one down.”  Brett, Sgt West Palm Beach PD.

Author Speaks About 911 Wellness.


Table Of Contents

Unit 1 Exercise Sample

Because stress is PERSONAL and so is this workbook.  For less than a ‘one day’ stress workshop you can allow your staff, or yourself, to explore stress from an internal and very personal viewpoint – at the console! No overtime, no scheduling, just provide each person with a inspiring guide to personal responsibility for stress management and common sense thoughts through personal reflection surveys and exercises.  Comes with 10-20 Journal and Console Yoga.

9-1-1 Under Pressure is a personal e-workbook with 10 chapters and 10 personal fill in exercises.

Where are you?  What do you need?

  1. 9-1-1 Under Pressure e book is 1o chapters with 10 self survey mindfulness exercises.
  2. 10-20 Journal has many pages of prompts to allow for venting, ruminating and contemplating.
  3. Console Yoga was written by a yoga teacher for chair bound people to stay relaxed and stretched.  Better for the health

Console Yoga is great for keeping fit sitting all shift.

10-20 Journal is an excellent thing to do on the console on a slow shift!  So important!  When your heart speaks – answer!


Pages from 10-20 Journal 2020