9-1-1 Wellness Stress Less Workbook Hard Copy


“I  rarely read a book cover to cover –  couldn’t put this one down.”  Brett, Sgt West Palm Beach PD.

Author Speaks About 911 Wellness.


Why purchase this beautiful hardcopy workbook?  Because stress is PERSONAL and so is this workbook.  For less than a ‘one day’ stress workshop you can allow your staff, or yourself, to explore stress from an internal and very personal viewpoint – at the console! No overtime, no scheduling, just provide each person with a inspiring guide to personal responsibility for stress management and common sense thoughts through personal reflection surveys and exercises.  Comes with a CD with the 10-20 Journal and Console Yoga (also download free here)

9-1-1 Wellness Trio is the only complete stress workbook for ‘your’ environment. The solutions start with each person – but how? 9-1-1 Wellness is written for anyone who wants more workplace satisfaction and wants to start with the person in the mirror. Make lasting change, begin here with these pages..

Wellness is a ‘WORK’ book meaning that you complete a self study exercise every chapter – for ten chapters. The exercises are intensely personal and offer you insight into your own ‘stuff’ around stress and wellness.

This 300+ page book is also informative and entertaining – just like all of Sue’s training and material. We offer you a beginning towards improving workplace satisfaction or understanding or helping others.