9-1-1 Reality PLUS Simulator + Text + Mapping

BEST VALUE $29,925.00* One Instructor Two Students (add on up to 5 for quantity discounts.)

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Our PLUS station is plug and train with video tutorials loaded for next to zero learning curve for trainers or trainees.

PLUS includes two advanced features; mapping and text to 9-1-1. This station is using a pre programmed router using agency internet Our generic CAD card is pre CAD training ground for your trainees to get them CAD ready.

Go Shopping!   A $1500 shopping spree for any digital product on this website to be loaded onto this station for classroom or in service training.

One instructor to one student or one instructor to any number of students. Our stations are configurable to fit your needs and space. 911 Reality is portable and can easily and effortlessly be transported to other locations for lab training.  No IT needed setup, plug in and train.  Video tutorials for every aspect of the simulation sessions.  Also a Join.Me can be scheduled for personal training anytime M – Th 0900-1400.

Created by 9-1-1 educations who have experienced both classroom and floor training. We understand your need for reliable, zero learning curve, easy setup training station for simulation and multi tasking learning.  We have options such as ProQA and this station can be  loaded with a full 9-1-1 (10) Academy Curriculum and link to an online final knowledge exam certification.  Or you can go shopping for In Service, Train the Trainer, Create a Training Manual Template or SOP Cut and Paste – up to $1500 worth of products of your choice.

BEST VALUE $29,925.00*  One Instructor Two Students. For a full lab of over 5 stations quantity discounts.  Ask for a quote.

HARDWARE (1) station

(4) 23” Widescreen LED Monitor Screens (2) Keyboard and Mouse (2) Noise Cancelling Headset (2) Monitor headsets (2) Lenovo ThinkCentre  Mini Hard Drive Desktop (1) N Router- Programmed for 911 Reality Network (4) View Screen (4) Connection Cables (2) Cat 7 Cables.


911 Reality Plus simulation software with lifetime warranty anytime full online support.  Additional warranties available.  Owners room.  No cost updates and upgrades.

Option: ProQA Protocols link to training license – practice protocols now on Reality no extra cost. •

• Login Tracking
• ALI/ANI custom coordinates for mapping
• Traffic Stop/OnView popup
• Trainee Outcome Report
• Session Recording Logs
• Instructor Notes Documentation
• Background sounds for radio or phone
• Multiple phone lines
• Multiple radio lines – Trainee can handle call and answer the radio at the same time
• Color coding
• Text to 911 two lines
• TTY call audio – Tone Out audio
• Ring Down Lines
• Wireless Call Line
• Business Line
• Recording Studio
• On Screen Capture
• Plug and Play Setup (no installation requirements)
• Video Tutorials
• Fully customized call types and responses and addressing


$1500 worth of digital training products loaded on – Go Shopping.

ProQA protocols loaded on at no additional cost for agencies using ProQA and holding a training license.


Lifetime Software – anytime life-of-the-simulator online screen share software support and training. No cost upgrade and updates.
1 year hardware additional 2 years available
Screen sharing training online for all new owners at your timeline PST 0900 to 1400.

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BASIC $19,950.00, INSTRUCTOR $29,925.00