9-1-1 Reality BASIC Simulator + Curriculum + Certification


Options (1) $1500 Go Shopping for digital training products Option (2) Full 9-1-1 Digital Academy. 

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Our BASIC station is plug and train with video tutorials loaded for next to zero learning curve for trainers and trainees.   Training, documentation, hiring and drills.  This simulator will expand and enhance your training for less then the cost of losing even one new hire.  One instructor to one student or one instructor to any number of students. Our stations are configurable to fit your needs and space. Our stations are also portable and can easily and effortlessly be transported to other locations for lab training.  GREAT for starting your college or high school training to improve retention and add more qualified candidates!  Contact your local college or high school today.

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Created by 9-1-1 professional educators who have taught in the high school and college setting. We understand your need for reliable, zero learning curve, easy setup training station.  Request Specs or Quote


(3) HP 24″ View sceens (2)  Mini Lenovo Desktop Computer (4) Headsets all connections cords.  1 Year Full Warranty – additional warranty available. NO IT needed, it’s plug and play – set up and train within an hour. No need for internet connection. No yearly fees or requirements. All updates at no cost. Full warranty and extended available. Video and online training for all teachers / trainers at no cost.


  • Multiple phone lines
  • Multiple radio channels
  • Recording storage’ * Login Screens
  • Student CAD reports * Instructor Notes
  •  Traffic Stop Popup
  •  Session recording
  •  Screen video capture
  •  Background Sounds
  •  Call types Programmable
  •  Units Programmable
  • ALI addresses Programmable
  •  Wireless Call ID
  •  Ring Down Lines
  •  Wireless Calls
  •  Business Line
  •  Recording Studio
  •  On Screen Capture
  •  Plug and Play
  •  Video Tutorials
  •  Color Coded Responses
  •  Realtime view of student CAD entry
  •  Premise History and Flags
  • Warranty and no cost upgrades.


Unit Flash Quizzes. Full 10 unit curriculum, eText, hardcopy Textbook. Training materials: DVD’s with unlimited workbooks * 9-1-1 Call Cards with 9-1-1 calls embedded * Jeopardy for police, fire, EMS, Liability* Train the Trainer Series* Domestic Violence Workshop * Stress Workshop * Emergency Radio Workshop * Customer Service Workshop * Call Taking Mastery Workshop * QuizMaker * Scripted 9-1-1 Calls * eTextbook *50 YouTube videos *YouTube Downloader.


NECC National Emergency Communications Certification – No Cost instructor certification with simulator.(value $350) Students $15 no cost retakes. Online exam one hour and simulation lab skills exam conducted by instructors. Instant results, retakes, online storage of grading. eCertificate included for teachers.

NECC Instructor and Student Certification, Textbook.

9-1-1 Magazine / 9-1-1 Reality Training Station

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BASIC $14,895.00, INSTRUCTOR $22,340.00