9-1-1 Online Academy (10) Units


2020 everything changed! Training changed. Start your new hires out OFF SITE.  Begin with this extensive interactive foundation of knowledge while Trainers monitor and comment on the work. We customize to your online agency training. 


Preview www.9-1-1Academy.com and view the 10 units of study. 

High School CTE / College Vocational College / Academies  This online course will prepare graduates or new hires to thrive in the Comm Center training environment.  With engaging learning and practical application skills exercises. This course is the only course created FOR pre-hire training for those entering the amazing work of 9-1-1. 

Life has changed in 2020.  Training has changed in 2020.  Comm Centers are considering online learning for their new hires.  Here is a course that has been around for 20 years – created in a DACUM or Develop A Curriculum through an advisory board and a college in the Seattle area.  

Pricing is $129 per seat and cost of the mandatory textbook 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual order here.

Where did the course come from?  A coalition of 9-1-1 professional educators who knew something needed to change.  This PROFESSION had to join the other public safety agencies that offer full career training and/or academies to teach their new learners a full scope of the work – not just limited to traditional training that starts at level 3 missing level 1 and 2.  


Contact support@911trainer.com for a quote or information.  

 NECC Certification through an online exam and proctored Lab Skills Exam. Skills are now embedded in the online course due to the mandate not to return to school and use the simulator for skills lab.


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