Emergency Dispatch Gameshow Download


Hi Donna, Just want to let you know that I am using the games in the training..love ’em! – John Tauding 911.

Don’t be a boring trainer – have fun when learning 9-1-1.


 Is your classroom training stale, boring or stuck?

SAVE ON All Games download – all popular exercises for learning this wonderful profession.  Knowledge games, skills games, and attitude games.  Wow too much fun training and learning. 

These popular products are well done. After ordering go to Download and get all the zip files loaded with great games and skills exercises.  Extract and there you go tons of fun and learning.

Everything everything! Games, Power Point Jeopardy, master sheets, AUDIO files and instructions! You go for it. And as a bonus, you have all your workbooks, answer sheets, instructor guides  for copies until the end of time – which we hope isn’t too soon.

5 Jeopardy Games for the 911 Classroom – EMS is the most fun  Fire Jeopardy, Liability Terms Jeopardy, Police Jeopardy, TDD Jeopardy, The Job Jeopardy, all here ready made and can be customized!

Police 911 Games,  EMD game Short Report is a great way to learn.