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Upgrading To a New Build on Reality

Enter for full directions. Video Tutorial attached below

 We have PLUS, BASIC, AND PROQA builds. These are exe files so they must be sent to your address by Box.com.  email here for your download asap if you have an older version than 1.5.6 - you can find your version on the top of the sim screen. 

STEP 1  If you have custom addressing or call types you must have those templates available to you or save the current ALI on the desktop to transfer.  The new build will always install the default ANYTOWN and call types/units.  You will put the custom back in place after the install.  

If you current ALI is custom copy and paste it from C:/Program Files / ARTComms to your desktop before uninstall.

STEP 2  Download the exe file from Box.com and put on a flash drive.  Take the flash drive to your instructor and student to copy the install file to documents and run it.  

If you have an older version than 1.4.1 also download Tight VNC install and read below what that is IF you don’t have it on your station (it replaces older version of VNC). 

STEP 3   Go to Control Panel / Programs and Features and uninstall the current 911Trainer build.  Do not power uninstall. On both instructor and student.

STEP 4  Use the 911Trainer install exe on your flash drive on instructor and student - appropriately pull down the menu to say Instructor or Student. If you need a desktop icon check the box.

STEP 5  If customized return your ALI and Call Types and Units on the instructor and only Units on the student.

         ALI.mdb drag to replace the default in ARTComms.

         Call Types and Units use Simulation Database Mgr.

         Units for student Simulation Database Mgr is in Documents.

STEP 6  Reboot and connect to test. 

If your version is older than 1.4.0 you need Tight VNC install (WHAT IS TIGHT VNC?  Video Tutorial on new feature.

To install Tight VNC (sent to you on Box.com). Download on a flash drive and install on both instructor and student.  Use CUSTOM install.  The Instructor is the VIEWER and the student is the SERVER. Do not use passwords.  Install and reboot.  

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