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Shooting Multiple Calls - What It's Like

 This is a great call for your students to hear.  Multiple calls due to a shooting in a church.  The calls are coming to an adjoining agency but point out that the call takers are always careful to verify the address even for the tenth time they always transfer the calls regardless.  To simply say "We got it." can result in missing a possible second incident.  The shooter could go to another church, or the caller may be at a different location.  For example the call taker tried to tell a caller they were there but he needed to tell her a victim came to his home.  

Go over the need to stay calm and be persisent and ensure every call is handled with full attention to detail.  Even though a call comes up with an address or city...that does not mean it's correct such as the call with the man in the front yard.  

Also make sure they know that witnesses names and numbers are needed.  And notice that other people call with calls of their own not related but still need to be handled.  

This is a 21 minute call - please have them not only listen to the entire call but REORD every call with infomation that was gathered and maybe calls that needed more information and ask why.  






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