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Q & A from Customers

We have tons of help, free products and over 180 not free products.  Search helps but here are some questions from people like you. 

Q. We want to start a college program in our area but don't know what do to, what can you offer?
A. Use search and put in college and you will see what comes up in all our articles, blogs and products. Our search really is good for finding lots of links in your area of interest whatever it is. 

Q. We have SERIOUS negativity at our agency. What do you have to work with people to change attitudes, release stress?
A. Sue has worked with agencies for years, traveling around the country hearing from people about stress, negativity, and other challenges on the workplace. She is able to help people not only survive but thrive! Check out our workbooks. We want to value the Telecommunicator with a beautiful and useful book they can read, keep and work though for reference. Our books are inspirational and remind people that the work they do is wonderful.  Also see Consulting on the main page and look at Facilitated Conversations.... magic.

Q. I am looking for something to help people learn skills like multi tasking, typing and talking, what to ask of callers, understanding the radio?
A. Check here, lots of exercises created in colleges to help learners with SKILLS. Yes you can teach multi tasking - check out our Adult Learning CDs for $100! Another great product is 9-1-1 Call Cards, new this year. DVDs are quick dramatic learning that supports your own training on professionalism, procedures and best practices.

Q. My trainer's want to attend your Exceptional Trainer workshop but we need them here.
A. Our most popular workshop has been packaged. Ten topics of great interest to Trainers for only $100 each. Training is hard on trainers unless they know this stuff - we make training easier! Plus we give you one FREE with great ideas (great feedback from customers on this).

Q. We need Public Education for fairs, citizens academy, High School assembly, pre-school.
A. And 9-1-1 calls to use for various audiences I'll bet. Here is C.A.R.E., Community Awareness In Reporting Emergencies. A simulator, games, Power Points for all age groups (including High School) and 9-1-1 calls. How is CARE different from the rest - the Power Points are for many more categories ..like High School..than others and we embedded 911 calls into your package for you to demonstrate what you are saying is true.

Q. I would like to find a Customer Service Training that is specifically for this work, not something canned - doesn't work!
A. We took three 9-1-1 calls and spent some time analyzing them in regards to what Customer Service really is in this work - which is recognizing needs - yours and theirs. This workshop is WOW GOT IT.

Q. I have attended Sue's workshops and want our entire staff to attend but we're understaffed. Do you offer Sue's material for in-service for our burned out oldies and clueless newbies?
A. We have created packages that literally bring Sue's message to you and empowers you to put on your own training with her packaged workshop. 

Q. Is there any help for hiring - we are having a terrible time! Project Retains tell us a lot but still, we need some practical rethinking.
A. The book 10 Steps To Predicting Success is a great start. Many of us are doing things that are counter productive in our hiring and orientation practices. Next we have simple skills employment test in the Zone. Finally - we really do believe this might not be a hiring program - it may be your training is running them out of there. YOU NEED SIMULATION no longer a want, a must.

Q. We have 'people problems' - you name it - conflict, stress, sexual harassment. HELP!
A. That is what we do best. The 911 Wellness book is a personal learning experience. You didn't talk about Compassion Fatigue but we have many workshops on CD that reduce stress. We have learned that being confident in your knowledge of how to handle calls reduces stress.


Q. What do you have to enhance my training program for new hires?
A. To begin with every new hire could gain a global perspective of the work with the 9-1-1 Manual text. The DVDs all have basic information about professionalism, procedures and safety. If you need an entire course, there is tons of material in the Desktop Academy. But mostly our message to the industry is that you can no longer train without letting people practice. You do that by providing a simulator. We have 9-1-1 StarZ and our newest offering is 9-1-1 Reality. Think about it - every part of public safety allows practice in learning but one - Emergency Communications.

Q. We hear a lot from the APCO CTO course about teaching Critical Thinking, do you have products that help with that?
A. Critical thinking is thinking about what you are thinking. You can achieve provoking that by asking questions. We have put together Good Call Bad Call just for that purpose! Check it out with the one minute examples from You Tube.  

Q. Sue played some calls in our course that 'modeled' great work, do you have them for sale?
A. Yes, those are Way To Go 9-1-1 and are in the DVD section. The best we have is new Suicidal Molester - this is the most amazing call we have heard in our 30 years for working in this field.


Q. Training can get boring and burdensome, what suggestions do you have?
A. Games and exercises of course and the self directed workbook that comes with the 9-1-1 Manual. With this they can give trainers a break while they research hot topics, technology and do a little learning on their own. Our Power Points come with 5 books that can be used in a training library. Set the Power Point you own on the intranet as a 'show' and it will be there for your trainees to view at their own time or on a 'down day' for a trainer. We always suggest not only reading but discussing the concepts with them with a quiz - critical thinking training again!


Q. We need to motivate out supervisors, it's a tough job. What do you have for them.
A. Winging it - when supervisors get this book they say....OMG you were in our agency???? In an easy Q n A format, the questions are listed, see if you can use the answers.


Q. What would you say is your most effective product besides the simulators for teaching skills, we are losing trainees like mad due to skills.
A. The Zone..please take look at an actual 911 Instructors description of how she uses The Zone exclusively for training skills, she cannot convince her agency to purchase a simulator.