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"As far as I am concerned, this was the best process our Comm Center supervisory staff has ever gone through.  It was very healing, and we walked away with some very good tools.  Your insight regarding dispatchers, dispatch centers and women in the workplace is something all Comm Centers should take advantage of.  If we had gone through a traditional law enforcement style team building workshop, I do not believe our process would have been as successful. Thank you for all you did for us, and for all you will do for others in the dispatch profession." Lisa Barr, 911 Manager Seal Beach CA

Q.  When do we need a Facilitated Conversation?

A.  When your agency is experiencing conflict that does not, and has not, found resolution but no clear DECISION is needed facilitated conversations works well.  Even great teams need help to get unstuck.  It's a safe environment to hear and be heard by a facilitator/mediator.


Q.  What is the difference between mediation and facilitation?

A.  Mediation and facilitation are often used interchangeably and both can be applied to multi-party situations where the role of the neutral is to help the parties reach understanding or agreement.  As both a mediator and a facilitator I would say the difference in my work is that mediation has a very structured process that works to achieve 'decisions' that must be made by the parties.  Facilitated Conversations is a process that is structured according to the needs of the group and may or may not have decisions but possibly understandings, tasks, dialogue or memos of understanding.  One example may an agency where we created a No Gossip Proclamation and discussed current and historical issues that were causing discord.  Many issues were settled for a more peaceful workplace. 


  1. In the event you wish to ask for advice there is no charge to talk or email your situation.
  2. If you feel you need on site professional assistance - costs include covering actual expenses and a daily fee. Length of on site and off site work would be determined after discussing the situation.
  3. For more information call 1.800.830.8228 for Sue or email

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