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Happy People or Not Really

Does this sound familiar?  Please read the following actual letter. 

Dear Sue,

I am the Director of a Communications Center. We are a center that dispatches for police, fire and ambulances for the city and part of the county. We should be staffed at 25 dispatchers and currently are down to 19. We are about to bring on 7 new dispatchers.

I am very concerned for the new people's "survival" and the retention of the other dispatchers. We are implementing a new CAD system this fall, moving to a new center in two years. Aside from those problems we have a myriad of other issues and serious moral problems.

I am looking for solutions. We want to be more effective and not lose any more people. I'm worried about liability and in addition we have no SOP, our program isn't what it should be. How can you help us?


Did Sue help? Read on, here is a testimonial from one happy Captain.

 To Whom It May Concern:  When I first took over the Administrative Services Division, of the Indian River County Sheriff's Office, I was tasked with getting our 911 Dispatch Center back on its feet. The morale was low, the training was slow and ineffective and dispatchers were transferring to other positions. I tried to correct the problems by utilizing the personnel and supervisors already in place.

After several months, I saw little change and came to the conclusion that I needed to have someone else come in to evaluate our 911 Center; someone who would think "outside the box" and give me an objective view on what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong. I began speaking with Sue Pivetta of 911People Consulting Group.. She was personable and explained what she could do for us . Sue was very patient with me and helped me through the process of getting her to Florida.

Once here, Sue began to work with the 911 personnel. Well, she had an immediate impact on the men and women in our Center. Morale was immediately raised. She explained to them why she was there and what she was going to do to help them. Sue is a very positive person and this rubbed off on all the personnel she spoke with. Yes, we were doing some things right, and yes, we were doing some things not so right. When Sue left Vero Beach, all the concerns I had about our 911 Center were addressed. She got us going in the right direction and we have been progressing ever since. Sue had a major impact on our 911 personnel. Her personality, knowledge and professionalism are beyond compare.

One year later. How are they doing?

Things are going very well and morale is still up! Everyone is pulling together, working as teams, and I like seeing that. The supervisors are becoming more assertive, and I really like seeing that!! By the way, I would love to bring you back for a "follow-up" session. One or two days would probably do it. Take Care!!


What did Sue do for this Center?

Sue works with your supervisors, trainer or manager to find out what is needed and facilitate groups towards making that change.   Her training in mediation and facilitation bring a common sense approach to personal responsibility, no blame, no shame stress management is healing and inspiring.  She brings this attitude into the center.

No, it wasn't a touchy feely process, actually she offers 'solutions based changes' that begin with identifying the whole system gaps and needs.  What is working, what is not, what has been done, what worked, what can be done, who will do it, what help is needed?   For example you may want to reorganize the academy in order to produce better skilled and less stressed trainees to the floor.  Or possibly you don't have, but need, an academy.  Your solutions, our assistance.

Things change! If you have tried everything but nothing changes, if you are worried about the future of your Center, if you are weary of struggling - contact us today. We can help you bring about lasting change.  Generally this process takes 3-5 days on site with surveys, meetings with key personnel, groups and working a process of identifying best practices and challenges and finding solutions that can be acceptable and workable.

Or for a no cost solution - email Sue@911trainer.com to discuss possible ideas for on strategies.  Sue can give you ideas that maybe you haven't thought of or just allow you to vent or discuss what is happening in a safe setting with someone who has been around emergency communications for over 30 years. No problem, she isn't that busy.  Sue loves to help you solve problems.