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  Sue Pivetta - President

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President of Professional Pride, Inc and works with the Pride Team to take vision to product. Contact Sue for just about anything. (She is discouraged from taking orders.) Call Sue anytime to talk about ideas, needs or just to talk. From 1976-86 Sue worked as a Comm Center Supervisor in a combined center in Kent Washington. As a ‘working’ supervisor she was also a console trainer.

One day she realized there was too much to learn and asked her Director if classroom wouldn't be a 'good' idea. He said NO. After whining about this for a few weeks, her practice husband told her to go to the colleges and start a Vocational course for Emergency Communications. She did and within a year one of the first full time vocational college courses for 911 in the nation began. Sue was hired even though the college thought she might be a royal pain the hiney. She wasn't, it was a very successful college program that put many successfully trained people into the industry.

One day her Dean told her to 'back away from the copier' and write a book. After trying to get publishers to publish her...and having no luck at all...Sue self-published the '911 Emergency Communications Manual'. From this one book, 100 more products were created as customers began to ask for more help with training Telecommunicators - Bill Stanton of NENA worked with Sue to write the 911 Puzzle book. Sue also wrote the NENA Leadership workshop. Sue began consulting and providing expert witness for the industry in 2000.

Currently Sue is a volunteer certified dispute resolution mediator for courts and sits on the Board of Directors for the DRC. Her volunteer experience has included the crisis clinic, homeless shelter, trauma center, public defenders office, domestic abuse board of directors and women’s prisons. Much of her interpersonal knowledge adds to the products, seminars and workshop material. Not to mention she has 6 grown children, 8 grandchildren that teach her daily. Sue spends personal time on her documentary "Signs of Our Times, the Signs you See the People you don't (find on FB and like). She loves interior decorating, creating and teaching art, spiritual studies, attending sporting events (GO Seahawks) and volunteering.

  Donna Ferris - Operations Manager/Instructor & Customer Support

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 Donna's Story: Donna comes to Professional Pride with many years of service in Public Safety. She is a retired 9-1-1 Communications Supervisor. She has over 25 years experience as an EMT and was a former Director and Assistant Director of an EMS organization. Donna also worked as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT for 12 years. She taught a Call Taking course at Clover Park Technical College for over 10 years. Donna used all our products in her college courses because she knows they are proven in teaching skills for the 9-1-1 profession. Donna's favorite part of the day here is talking to customers and helping fill needs with our products, services and workshops. Donna coordinates our workshops and is the Coordinator for the National Emergency Communications Certification (NECC), speaks to customers regarding their orders and provides insight on new products. She also takes the time to reach out to customers to make sure all their needs and orders are customer satisfied! Call Donna anytime to get a suggestion on what product would fit your training needs or starting your own technical college program.

 Christine Ramirez - Business Manager, CFO

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Christine has been with Professional Pride since 1994. She's responsible for accounts receivable/payable or any business related communication. She knows the business inside and out and doesn't miss a beat. Call her with AP/AR questions. Chris is the one that makes things happen and keeps us in line by her attention to detail. Her ability to make us laugh is valuable to us.