Dispatchers Work To Exhaustion

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When are 9-1-1 agencies going to start working with high schools and colleges to get people trained. Improve the candidate pool, speed up training, end the dismal and terrible retention rates. In addition it would be good to train people on simulators so they really be FLOOR READY. These are seem like fixes that are too far out? Like they say, nothing changes until something changes. The only thing changing here is that things will continue to get worse until someone figures out there needs to be PRE EMPLOYMENT training and better floor ready training.

Thinking About Adding Simulation? FAQ

Does the simulator interface with our CAD or GIS?

The simulator is a stand alone training tools that is customized to fit your addressing, call types, units, ring down lines, sound effects. Documentation of all calls, trainer notes and recordings track the trainee at the very entry level time they first require a ‘foundation’ for CAD and call taking. It’s plug and train and requires no IT or complicated interface – it’s an entry level training tool before moving to CAD for ‘floor ready’ training.

Your addressing and mapping can be entered into the program.  The addressing requires Long/Lat in the addressing and that brings up your addressing for residences and businesses.  You also will offer us your call types and responses or units that we will customize before delivery (or you can change or accomplish this after delivery). 

We have provided an entry level ‘generic’ CAD that helps the new trainee to understand CAD at it’s basic level.  The trainee will handle calls and enter into the generic entry in CAD and work through the ‘process’ of emergency call taking and radio dispatch outside the actual CAD programs – in order to prepare them for ‘any’ CAD. 

As you know there are a multitude of CAD programs and our simulation for beginning hands on learning was designed to jump start the learner to understand ‘basics’ before complexity – needed in adult learning skills.  Once they do the work of call taking and generic CAD entry and radio dispatch and tracking a call they are much better prepared for the complexity of CAD and radio dispatch.  We call it ‘floor ready’ training. 

Invisible Tools Of The Trade


Emergency Communications is one of the most misunderstood,  underrated yet fascinating professions in today’s complex world.  What I mean by underrated here is in terms of training hours.  How many hours to train an EMT, a police officer, a firefighter.  I know in college courses many times it is assumed 40 hours is enough to get ‘certified’.  Or even 200 hours?  How about the exact same as police, fire or EMT.  We have 10 areas of study that must be mastered for the what I KNOW.  Next what SKILL as in what can I do with CAD, protocols, voice, tone, speed, attitude, maturity, ability to adjust to the changing circumstances.  Yes, our training in underrated in terms of time and funding for that time for training, evaluating and training trainers (and supervisors and in service).  Often a new CAD or radio system is under funding in training, then when confusion happens … back to retraining.

Pause for a moment to consider the perplexity of the work: answering calls from those in need of emergency services, gathering critical information in minutes, and mobilizing any number of available responders — and sustaining the responders and citizens as a safety net. What incredible work this is!  We have many many training TOOLS that expand, enhance and assist the trainer in their own mastery.


Adult Learning In This Crazy Setting

12 Provocations


This issue is dedicated to discussing the fine points of adult learning theory and how it relates to the Comm Center setting. What do we do that works, what do we do that does not mesh with current adult learning theory? How can we bring the blurry concepts (that most trainers feel from their finer senses) into focus in very real and practical ways. These 12 are meant to PROVOKE thought!

A New Career For 911 Trainers

It was very difficult leaving my Comm Center for a full time teaching career at Renton Tech.  Weekends and summers off, great pay and a room full of people so excited about a new career in 911 just hanging on every word.  Working in a vocational college was amazing too, the teachers were from all fields.  I also enjoyed being the union president of the teachers association.  The best part – I was able to use my amazing profession in 9-1-1 to help others enter a GREAT career.  They say you learn when you teach and for sure!  My 11 years at the VoTech teaching people 911 was so very rewarding. If you haven’t contacted your local High School or Vo Tech – do this today and maybe it will change your life too – they hire teachers from this industry!  Read below a teacher about one of her students and the certificate she is talking about is the NECC certification.  We have a turnkey, plug and teach program waiting for YOU to go to your local college or high school and offer your knowledge, experience and love for this work.

Hi Donna, Thanks for forwarding her scores.  Great she scored amazing!!! She is a great student and will do well! Her typing speed like 60 wpm and she is personable, smart, efficient and this list goes on. Thank you for your assistance in this endeavor!!! You’re the greatest!

Oh yea, she said that it was easy because she was prepared….I was the one nervous! Lol  And I’m looking forward to our certificates!!! YAAAAY  


Everything a school needs is on this website.  They can have a turnkey program through a Perkins Grant and start training your next generation trainees for you – on their dime and their time.