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OUR BEST SELLER!  A 3 part skills training and skills evaluation package. Train Trainers to evaluate skills.  A simple look into a person's skill level in several areas relevant to emergency call taking and dispatching. Comes hard copy AND all 3 sections located on a DVD.  View attachments.  Now includes Promotions Zone. 

Teach and Evaluate Skills With
'The 9-1-1 Zone'

Desktop 9-1-1 Academy Curriculum + Certification



10 UNIT ACADEMY DESCRIPTION:  FULL ACADEMY AND CERTIFICATION EXAMS Delivered as seen here digitally loaded onto a computer.  9-1-1 Acdemy was created in a college setting through a DACUM (Develop a Curriculum) process working with the college dean and an Advisory Board of 911 professionals.  Download text table of contents. 

9-1-1 Zone - Skills Training and Testing

Hi Donna,

 Thank you for the speedy reply! We have used The 9-1-1 Zone for years and it is the only test we use for pre hires in our comm center. I wasn't sure if there are new recordings or if the scenarios have changed. The reason I ask is we have some candidates that retake the test up to three times a year and we do not want them to know what the scenarios are.

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