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Aircraft Down Survivor Calling


 In this episode the caller does not know where he is...somewhere in a field. What should the dispatcher ask, what are the tools here.  When an aircraft is down what questions you would never know are needed.  Not a call you would normally get but with this product, you certainly have now the 'experience' of that happening for real.  

Ring Ring Fire Download Book


Remember the days when we sat knee to knee or back to back and said, "Ring Ring!" Well of course, these days are gone. However, we still need scenarios to train by. People need to figure out what information is important, sequencing and so forth.

MCI Apt Fire Trapped (3) (Get This)


Fire Multiple calls handled quickly.  In the event you have a person trapped in their house or apartment ...what is it that all of our 9-1-1 call takers should be asking and advising?  Are we doing that?  This is an excellent training tool for what to say, how to say it and what maybe missing in our communications in these dangerous situations.  You will quickly see the different training makes.  The last call is handled by firefighters - you will see the difference. 

eGAME Fire Jeopardy-download


Fire Vocabulary and terms. No better way to learn concepts like ICS and safety issues.  MAKE IT YOUR OWN with our easy instructions.  Great for In Service, new concepts, your academy or recruits.  It's a great game.   You can also get this in the full Jeopardy game set. 

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