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Domestic Violence Trainer Workshop


 We did it for you.  We put together a full day workshop with Power Points, 911 DV Calls, handouts and exercises.  All you need to do is order and receive the full CD in the mail and download it all and put on the worksjhop.  Open the CD and here is what you see, well worth the funds.  The 911 Call Review alone is a must have as it points out how the right information is vital to officer and caller safety.  

Suicidal Molester DVD


Without a doubt the best call I have heard in 30 years. When previewing training calls we came across this call and it was just amazing!  We had to make it into a Way To Go call so we could share with the world the amazing work of Pam.  View YouTube Segment

Sister Shot DVD


Way To Go - Sister Shot - Domestic Homicide. BEST SELLING ITEM modeling many skills. View YouTube DVD Segment

Self Mutilation DVD


Actual 9-1-1 call study.  No way to describe the impact these actual 911 calls have on Call Takers!  View YouTube DVD Segment

Way To Go 911! 3 DVDs


Get Suicidal Molester, Sister Shot and Self Mutilation. You Tube Views .  Also visit each page individually for a view of each of the 3 Way To Go DVD's.  Modeling GOOD work is the best way to train your people!  Scripted and layed out as to why this was a Way to Go call.

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