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911 Curriculum

This is a full 10 unit 9-1-1 Academy loaded onto a Desktop Computer and delivered ready to train. We wrote this curriculum with a college process called a DACUM with an advisory board of 911 professionals. You can trust the content and the great training tools that come with it - DVDs, eBooks, 911 Calls and more.

NECC National Emergency Communications Certificati...


 I found the test to be a very good overall assessment of what an emergency telecommunicator generally needs to understand in order to be successful.  Public Safety Joint Communications

Desktop 9-1-1 Academy Curriculum + Certification



10 UNIT ACADEMY DESCRIPTION:  FULL ACADEMY AND CERTIFICATION EXAMS Delivered as seen here digitally loaded onto a computer.  9-1-1 Acdemy was created in a college setting through a DACUM (Develop a Curriculum) process working with the college dean and an Advisory Board of 911 professionals.  Download text table of contents. 

NECC Student Exam Order


Order your student exams here with PO or VISA MC. 

9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual-5th edition ...


9-1-1 Textbook for the 911 Desktop Academy.  Take the 200 Question ChallengeOver 9000 copies sold. Our customers order the manual as a student text for Training Academies and College programs. Over 400 pages of relevant, easy to read current information about emergency communications. Purchase for your agency or your learners - the only 9-1-1 complete textbook for Emergency Communications.

9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual-5th edition ...


SAVE by ordering both 9-1-1 Manual and Workbook on CD.  The workbook is an ebook that comes inside the 911 Manual on a disk if they are ordered at the same time.   The workbook offers many self directed activities for learning in each chapter.  

 9-1-1 Manual & Workbook 

Order here if you want both the workbook and text book. Our best selling college text book.

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