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Exceptional Trainer Package SALE


Get all titles of the Exceptional Trainer on one disk. 7 Power Points to inspire and support your train the trainer courses. Discount on what you would pay separately and all the needed knowledge of adult learning here.

9-1-1 Zone, Skills Testing, Promotions


OUR BEST SELLER!  A 3 part skills training and skills evaluation package. Train Trainers to evaluate skills.  A simple look into a person's skill level in several areas relevant to emergency call taking and dispatching. Comes hard copy AND all 3 sections located on a DVD.  View attachments.  Now includes Promotions Zone. 

U Pick '6'- Good Call - FREE Shipping


SAVE !! This package gives you one free DVD and free shipping. The absolute best training product we have.  Go here to pick your '6'  to match YOUR training needs.    Take a look at "Mom Armed with Shotgun" or any of our Good Call Bad Call DVD's.  These are the best training products because they allow both new and experienced people to take a serious look at the actual work of 9-1-1 and determine if the 'promise' was kept to send the correct units to the correct location as quickly as possible while protecting the caller and public.  Did they do that?  Was it a good call or a bad call? These products may be used in a group setting or on shift during the 3AM lull. It is a scripted real 9-1-1 call followed by 5 questions about the call and the information gathered and then the BEST PRACTICES. You may add your own questions for your staff. This is great for new hires!

911 Call Card (8) A-Z Package! SALE 50% OFF


Over 150 9-1-1 calls ON '8 CDs!  By popular request you can now purchase all the 911 Call Cards for your training program with this savings.  Includes all Call Cards seen here for ALL police, fire, EMD and BONUS Hazmat Call Card (a favorite).  Hit purchase to enhance, expand and excite your training program.

SOP Cut/Paste $ Create a Training Manual Package S...


Could you hire someone to do this much work for this price.  No.  SAVE  Update or Create both your Procedures Manual and Training Manual while saving money getting this done finally. 

This order will include a hard copy three ring binder for both products and a CD with all the files loaded on.

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