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Terrorism Defined 2016


 After Setpember 11th I wrote a history and defined terrorism for Target On Site Training at that time.  I put on a few courses on that topic.  Now, today after the France attack and so much more, I brought up the article to see if it had some relevence for our call takers and dispatchers.  I decided it would be good to release it again.  

Console Yoga eBookFree

We know what you do! Sitting there hunched over - not moving for long periods of time. What does your cat do when she wakes up? Your dog? Your horse? Your bird? It's natural to stretch and healthy but then. Our gift to you. Here do this!

9-1-1 Training Journal eBook FREE

YOUR JOURNALING EXPERIENCE  When your heart speaks — take good notes!

“Within each of us is a silent exchange of images, thoughts and recollections — our quiet interior life.
Through keeping a special sort of “intensive” journal I can enter that
secret place for renewal and self-awareness.

Understanding Domestic Violence for Call Takers


 Many of our Call Takers as they enter the profession have the same feelings as much of the public.  Why doesn't she just leave, many people like it, it's a choice. Unfortunately even those who have worked 911 lines for years still feel frustration from repeated calls from victims and blame the victims for the burden on public safety.  After reading this book, those feelings of frustration and judgment can go away.  

Compassion Fatigue for 9-1-1


This eBook was written  for those that work answering 9-1-1.  In addition to a true training on compassion fatigue, what it is, how to recognize it, what to do about it - there is a personal survey for those who may be experiencing this condition specifically for our 911 professionals.  Great In Service Survey!

'50' 911 Simulation Scripts



 Order with PO 4911.  Go to your account and view downloads.

911 Connection - A Chaotic 911 Workplace


 Download and enjoy!  Teams OFF the Console? Fear of New Policy and Change Accountability..or not.  Conflict Resolution Effects or Causes?  Read the 7 things that are happening and 7 solutions.  

911 Connection - Show Me The Money


When money is the issue and training is the priority
We love money, or do we?
Is time money, really?
Does money motivate people?
Budget cut?
Who Cares!

911 Connection - Keeping Trainers Sane


Download attachment below In this issue:
The Breakroom - Distance Learning..Or Not
Supervisor's Desk - Learning Without Your Permission?
Manager Corner - Dump Lousy Trainers!
Training Tips - Motivating Adult Learners

9-1-1 College Start Up


Why It Is Important To Properly Set Up 9-1-1 College??

(Attached are current college course flyers - see below partial list of colleges)

Problem:  Often people enter the profession with no idea of what they will be doing or entry level skills, knowledge or attitude! 

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