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Pre Conference & Host Packet


This packet holds the information on current course offerings, how to host, costs and all student comments. 

Book a pre conference workshop for your success!  

Exceptional Trainer Hardcopy Book & Workbook


Trainers this is a no nonsense guide to training in the Comm Center.  Don't get discouraged or overwhelmed, GET THIS BOOK!  See 911 Magazine review below.  Don't stop with this book see the Exceptional Trainer series of adult learning training.  Includes the workbook hardcopy.

Emergency Radio eBook Download


 It's rare to find any good books on Emergency Radio - that is until NOW!  The topics covered are attached.  Here is a few quotes from the book to give you an idea of the value of the information you can offer to your trainees.  74 pages of great information for your training program, academy or school.  

I Killed My Roommate (Bizarre Call - Good Job)


Homicide Call This call is one of those that you would wish someone else would take.  He described what he did and it was terrible.

The outcome part of our Good Call series tells you what happened after - offering some closure that is great with this one.  You can then see if what the caller was describing is what ended up in court or the news.  Very interesting for your learners to assess. 

MCI Apt Fire Trapped (3) (Get This)


Fire Multiple calls handled quickly.  In the event you have a person trapped in their house or apartment ...what is it that all of our 9-1-1 call takers should be asking and advising?  Are we doing that?  This is an excellent training tool for what to say, how to say it and what maybe missing in our communications in these dangerous situations.  You will quickly see the different training makes.  The last call is handled by firefighters - you will see the difference. 

Liability Book & CD with 9-1-1 Lawsuit Calls


This is a great practical guide to non scare tactics for understanding liability in the 9-1-1 industry.  How to avoid liability and many terms your people need to know.  However, we don't just talk the talk, we give you real 911 lawsuits with mp3 files, case study and court documents. If you teach liability you NEED this product! 3 Actual lawsuits mp3 and court docs included so your trainers can study. You can order on CD or download.  BONUS includes Liability Jeopardy game (because this is a very important subject). A lot of training for your in service workshop...and much less than a workshop or online course and last for years to come.  About 4 hours total or you design.



"The activities helped me learn."  "The 'hat' exercise was great".  "Very interesting." "I enjoyed the class and content."  "A good use of time." "I realized I have to accept personal responsibility for my own thinking."   eMail here if you want to host this cou

Mom Armed With Shotgun (Must Have)


PD Home Intruder.   A Critical Thinking Tool.  This interactive DVD will model the work of 9-1-1 and promote 'critical thinking' on a call where the caller has a gun.   Awesome for training, the caller was large and in charge and the 'intruder' was shot. 

The calls are scripted, next QnA led by the instructor (or completed individually).  Finally Best Practices suggested for this call are listed for further discussion.  Some calls have Outcomes.  

EMD 9-1-1 Call Cards - Time Critical Callers


(17) EMD Pre Arrival. If you need 9-1-1 EMD Time Life Critical calls for your training that are organized to review, compare and contrast, discuss or analyze from a professional Power Point here you go.  

EMD 9-1-1 Call Cards- Medical Callers


(15) EMD Pre Arrival Medical Calls.  If you need 9-1-1 EMD medical calls for your training that are organized to review, compare and contrast and analyze from a Power Point, this is for you.

Teaching Common Sense


What exactly is common sense and are we born with it or not?  Can you teach common sense? This training will open your eyes and give you some great ideas about the goddess of common sense.  Add common sense training to your program!   Download Free Adobe Flash Player Here   

Avoiding Trainer Burn Out


You may be surprised by what burn out is and is not. Come on in and take a look. This is a great tool for generating a discussion at your trainer's meetings.  Comes with our best seller Compassion Fatigue 9-1-1.  Download Free Adobe Flash Player Here

Improving Multi-Tasking Skills


You'll love this one. There are tasks, then there are many tasks and we expect the learner to be able to pull it all together even though we admit they can't do one or many of the individual tasks at a level that can be integrated.  Get me on this?  Come and see what I'm talking about.  

9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual-5th edition ...


9-1-1 Textbook for the 911 Desktop Academy.  Take the 200 Question ChallengeOver 9000 copies sold. Our customers order the manual as a student text for Training Academies and College programs. Over 400 pages of relevant, easy to read current information about emergency communications. Purchase for your agency or your learners - the only 9-1-1 complete textbook for Emergency Communications.

Say What? - Call Taker Training


Too too funny! A comedian and a dispatcher get together and play calls. Instant Download pdf game sheets and audio files for much fun in the classroom taking calls from a very odd assortment of people and a very calm and organized call taker. 

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