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New Items.

Comm Centers Go Shopping Option!


 We know you have a training program but want to add experiential training with simulation.  However, we have so so many great training tools  you can add to your current training.  We added an option called GO SHOPPING.  We will add any of our digital training products to your simulation to replace our full curriculum.  Just add up to $1500 worth of products to your shopping cart and we will load them up on your simulator.  How awesome is that?  Enliven, energize and expand your current agency training!  

Zone Skills Test Packets Unlimited Copies


 For your coprighted Zone candidate and trainee testing. Now to save for our clients print as many as you need.  Previously cost us and you $5 a booklet.  Now you can make your own until the end of time!  Offers Official Site License for printing answer books. 

Call Taker As Gatekeeper DVD


Homicide - Not Sending. This call taker felt that it was important NOT to send the units to a residence where the grown son was violent.  Very important call to study for the gatekeeper syndrome. If you cannot see YouTube email us and I'll send you a link to see the video. 

Suicidal Molester DVD


Without a doubt the best call I have heard in 30 years. When previewing training calls we came across this call and it was just amazing!  We had to make it into a Way To Go call so we could share with the world the amazing work of Pam.  View YouTube Segment

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