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Grants for Simulators?

 Message from Albany Tech about how they funded a 9-1-1 Reality lab of (5) workstations and Running Start. 

We used Perkins Funding to purchase our simulator. To find out more about Perkins see http://www2.ed.gov/offices/OVAE/CTE/perkins.html .

Perkins Grant (5) Reality..But

 Albany Tech GA has such a wonderful college with some serious great leadership.  The Public Safety program wanted to add a 911 training component to their paramedic, emt, police and corrections programs.  After training on the simulator and curriculum ...all were in complete and vigorous agreement  ...  they needed a full time 9-1-1 training program with it's own full time instructor from the local Comm Center.

Shooting Multiple Calls - What It's Like

 This is a great call for your students to hear.  Multiple calls due to a shooting in a church.  The calls are coming to an adjoining agency but point out that the call takers are always careful to verify the address even for the tenth time they always transfer the calls regardless.  To simply say "We got it." can result in missing a possible second incident.  The shooter could go to another church, or the caller may be at a different location.

What Career Cluster 911?

 I called the national career cluster person and asked for 911 to have it's own space - there isn't one for 911 - it's under Public Safety but not really.  Guess what - very interesting he said - no action as of yet. 

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