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What are educators doing out there that can help you in your college or high school program. We can start a discussion about important issues for you. What are some of the teaching tools that can define success for your students. Nothing is more rewarding than giving someone a leg up to get into this profession. Let's share here.

Text To 9-1-1 Keep Tuned In

 Hey teachers, here is the latest article, stay tuned into what is happening, it's moving fast. 



That Is Called 'College' Actually

 FROM APCO LIST SERVE:  I am seeking information from any non-union communications centers who utilize contracts with their employees surrounding repayment of training fees should an employee voluntarily separate before a said length of time. In hiring new telecommunicators, we typically certify them in all call taking protocols and provide discipline-specific training in the classroom, all which takes approximately 9 weeks.

Teach Map Reading

 In your high school or college course you must take some time to teach map reading.  Here is a great resource and an article to this.

Google Maps Update Useful For Dispatchers

Narrative Learning - Vital

 One of the most difficult things to teach a student is how to write a narrative.  They do not need to learn CAD as much as this skill b/c their CAD will change but the narrative is a skill that is vital.  Read below how putting a short criptic message in CAD can lead to confusion with the responders.  

Article on Critical Testing Software

 This was found on a blog at KarenFreemanSmith.com. 


Passing the CritiCall Test and Getting a 911 Job


Military Dispatch Courses

The following was recommended for the Navy in setting up their 911 Reality Training Program and most likely good advice for any training program beginning to use simulation.


Important Teaching Points

 DISPATCH MONTHLY MAGAZINE:  The family of a 67 year-old murder victim has settled its lawsuit with the city of Berkeley (Calif.), accepting no money but establishing new options for dispatchers when talking to 911 and other callers. The settlement did not involve any payment of money. In Feb.

About PBX for your students

Should companies be able to make test calls to 911?  

Hey Kid - Say 9-1-1

Ever have a child that calls 9-1-1 and just talks and the adults don't know they are calling 911?  A customer sent us this.

Our Customers Use A Perkins Grant

 FROM A CUSTOMER WHO PURCHASED A LAB OF (5) 9-1-1 Reality Workstations plus a Running Start.  

We used Perkins Funding to purchase our simulator. To find out more about Perkins see http://www2.ed.gov/offices/OVAE/CTE/perkins.html .

Got a minute, day, hour?

  Albany Tech GA has such a wonderful college with some serious great leadership.  The Public Safety program wanted to add a 911 training component to their paramedic, emt, police and corrections programs.  After training on the simulator and curriculum ...all were in complete and vigorous agreement  ...  they needed a full time 9-1-1 training program with it's own full time instructor from the local Comm Center.

National Career Clusters Do Not Include 9-1-1

What is a Career Cluster? Vocational Education - where you become educated to enter a career - is organized into 16 professional clusters. One of those clusters is Public Safety as seen below. Within this structure there is NO mention of or inclusion of Emergency Communications. Each year I approach the National Organization for Career Clusters and ask that this profession become a part of this cluster - which is important.

Can't Learn 911, It's Too Hard Sorry

Regarding the statement below that (POST) indicated up to 80% of  turnover within the first year is due to a lack of knowledge, skill, or ability the newly-hired employee needs to perform the job - and the work is increasingly complex - it follows that agencies have no choice but to meet the training demands for those hired.

Learning is What Again?

  County commissioners approve purchase of scripted program

Customer Comments

Just one of the many jobs I hold here at Professional Pride, is to keep in contact with our customers. I love talking to everyone all over the Country! Here are a few recent comments from your peers about our StarZ III Training Simulator:

" It has been a great training tool. We have had trainees since we received the simulator. One trainee did mention it really helped her confidence building and getting comfortable in answering 9-1-1 calls. We look forward to using the simulator alot more". Franklin County, WA.

Texting 9-1-1?


Iowa is the first in the nation to receive text messages, read here.  What do you think? Comments?

Joining The Other World

It was amazingly 23 years ago that we created one of the first college vocational training programs for this amazing work.  Since then college training for this profession has indeed sprung to life here and there. 

Our area once hosted 4 vocational trainings.  Some didn't survive - in my opinion due to poor marketing - it certainly wasn't that the trained people weren't NEEDED. My students are everywhere - thriving - men and women who otherwise would not have considered this career.

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