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Supervisor Survival

Your work is vital to the effective, efficient and safe work of emergency call taking and emergency radio. You are the facilitator of good work and you answer to many different factions from the citizens to the responders and the agency. How do you balance your needs and theirs. Let's talk about that balance here.

Think You Can Do This?

 I LOVE this and just wondering how many supervisors do or would do this..hopefully all who hear this huh?    From APCO List Serve 1/2015

Waste of Time.. or Good Time?

Love your evaluation form? Evaluation forms.... good, not so good, who cares, rotten, waste of time, effective, amazing, super????  Is your time on the forms good time, well spent or a huge waste of time and energy?
See the attached from Golden PD (thanks Lisa Sorrentino) and an example of abc (I really like this one.)

What Is Creative Leadership?

Supervisors in the Comm Center have to be more creative than any other person because things are never the same, people and problems are never the same.  That is what creativity is...read the attached. 

Don't Should on Me

We should could ensure timely regular shift meetings
We should could adopt peer mediation teams
We should could improve evaluation systems and forms 
We should could develop creative scheduling
We should could create a year book
We should could streamline our training programs
We should could explore pre-entry colleg

NENA Loves Negativity

I have to admit I was negative.  And I'm actually a happy person.  But I also know that there is a lot of negativity in the workplace and it sucks.  I wrote the negativity book after a lot of study and research.  I now know why I was having trouble at work that month.  
I know why someone wrote as a joke on my locker FORMER SUPERVISOR.  I now know why my dentist had on my chart that I was a PAIN (I wasn't supposed to see it).

Fun Facts About Conflict

Supervisors, what to do about conflict when you are often put in the middle?  Well here is at least a better understanding of conflict.  When people conflict in the Comm Center - generally it can be about any of the following (pick one or more as your personal favorite): 

(1) blocked personal needs or growth such as training or promotions (see #4 and #5)

(2) feeling de-valued or dismissed (see #3)

(3) not being heard when 'they' say they are listening

(4) allocation of resources time, $$, space, stuff

Evaluations - Getting and Giving

 I don't know about you but evaluations in my career both in the 911 Center and the college setting were always 'in progress' as in trying to get better.  What is so hard about evaluations anyway.  Here is a good article from 911 Magazine about just that very subject.  



What's Your Agency Culture?

If you were to come to me and say, we got issues! I would say what is the culture of your agency.  What does that mean...culture.  Here are five questions you can answer that will start you on your way towards understanding X marks the spot as far as positive change as a part of your 911 culture.

How Are We Doing?

This is so wonderful you will wonder why you didn't think of it.  Or maybe you already do this but don't bust my bubble. 

No Gossip Proclamation -

I am currently sitting in the hotel business center writing this feeling joyous about what just happened at the Comm Center. 

Shortly I will be  headed home from a very amazing facilitation - then off to the ocean for July 4 with my family. 

Change or Influence Change

Things need to change?

I suggest making list of the shortcomings of your agency-if any-if not YEA. 

If you have done that the next step is to put a circle around everything you have the power to change and a square around items on the list not in your power to change. 

Items with a circle are your goals.  

Next, the items with a square, consider how you could influence change.



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