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If you are a leader you know that you serve those that do the amazing work of 9-1-1. You know that you wear many 'hats' from technology to taking care of the most important 'human resource' of those on the console. Still you don't need to be a Manager, Administrator or Director to be a leader at your agency. Let's talk about leadership challenges and rewards here.

Really? Hire High School Grads!

 Are there any agencies that have hired straight from high school?  If so, how much success did you have?  Is anyone recruiting from high school?  Your feedback and opinion on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Code of Ethics

 Shared from the great state of Oregon!

Groundhog Day! Sure Feels Like It!



Ever feel like nothing changes no matter how hard you try to make things better for the troops?  Here is why. 

That Is Called 'College' Actually

 FROM APCO LIST SERVE:  I am seeking information from any non-union communications centers who utilize contracts with their employees surrounding repayment of training fees should an employee voluntarily separate before a said length of time. In hiring new telecommunicators, we typically certify them in all call taking protocols and provide discipline-specific training in the classroom, all which takes approximately 9 weeks.

Are You Serious?

 When three dispatchers took the leadership to tell the press that call times were up to 3 min and it was too too long and dangerous the reply was this:

Mulitple Calls Recording - Not

Do we really want to try NOT to talk to people in multiples?  This is a response from Gary Allen on the NENA list serve.  

Any1 Got Anytng?

FROM URGENT COMMUNICATIONS ARTICLE: “For years—for over 10, 15 years—we’ve been talking about next-gen 911. We were looking for other guidance,” said Tom Gross, director of command center solutions with Motorola Solutions and a former law-enforcement officer with Miami-Dade County who supervised 911 centers. “Well, now the FCC says it’s here. May of 2014, if you request text-to-911, the carriers have to provide it within a six-month window. So for years and years and years, we talked about it.

eLeadership Newsletters 2/2014

 This as promised is from Feb 2014 eTips...if you haven't joined please do on the Home Page.  You can also subscribe to our blogs here.  Trust me they are never more than once a month ..who has time for that...not me said the little red hen.  Sue

Why Not High School?

The Center High 911 Dispatcher Program has an article in the Sacramento Bee today, on the cover of the Our Region Section. Thanks to you for your support and to our kids. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only full-time, two year program in 22 countries and 43 languages. I have attached a link to the online newspaper and attached pictures of the article itself.  Holland Myers

Can You Answer These Questions

Had to share this I found from Twitter.  I think this is great for Supervisor and Trainer interviews...by the way a great idea to interview for Trainers instead of pointing and saying ... you are... now going to be, in charge of one of the most important responsibilities of this agency...like it or not.

Exception To My Rule?

Although I am inclined to say ... No Blame No Shame when things go wrong.  I am curious about what happened here or what allowed this to happen.  If any of you can tell me what was done to answer the question... In the event something like this happens a debrief is not a good idea, it's necessary for those who do good work here every day.  

Interesting...hmmm Chronic Callers

Have to think about the good and not so good implications of this.  What  say?

City To Focus On Chronic 911 Medical Callers Posted: 29 Oct 2012 07:25 PM PDT Faced with the closure of two hospitals and an ever-increasing workload at other emergency rooms, the city and county of Honolulu (Hi.) has kicked off a program to sharply focus on the top 50 chronic 911 callers reporting medical complaints.

I Don't Need Sexual Harassment Training?

Really?  When a Supervisor came to me with the need to write a book or do something about sexual harassment training for 911 Comm Centers .....I wasn't really convinced because I know most HR Departments do this - but do people really connect with this information or think it's over the line.  

Comm Center Reserve Program? Good / Bad?

From Donna, 

I thought I would share my experience that may be helpful to other departments with staffing and retention issues that all Comm Centers face at times.

Conflict Leadership - 9-1-1 Magazine Article

 Probably the one thing in my life that I did to 'grow myself up' was to become a mediator at the local dispute resolution center.  Not that I was immature but I did have maybe too many opinions and not enough curiously about others and their needs and intent. 

Somehow it was a great fit from my career at 911 and as a college teacher.  I think self leadership in a leader is important, as important as being a leader in your spectrum.  Take a look at this article and consider creating Peer Mediation Teams at your agency.

I don't care who agrees with me

He was irate, red faced and leaning back in his chair arms folded.  “How can you say that, how can you believe that!”  It wasn’t the first time someone didn’t like my opinion and wouldn’t be the last.  I calmly replied that he didn’t have to agree with me, it was my opinion.  I believe what I said, I still do and here are four of many reasons why I said what I said and I don't care that he was angry, he's an ignorant fool.  

Ouchy Bleedy

I’m going to take you on a few little trips into your imagination. Please try to feel the sites, sounds, and feelings so that you can then follow the trail of breadcrumbs to my eventual line of reasoning. Thank you.

The Value of Noticing

I Didn't Say Call Center

CREATIVITY IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS, AND IT ISN’T JUST NICE to have in the workplace—it’s essential. How do we identify a creative person?  Do we really understand the creative process and what being creative is? Following are the results of a survey with the question, “What are the qualities of the most creative person you know?”   Read this article you may be surprised.  ENP Magazine staff called you all a Call Center not me!!!

Is Your 911 House Falling!

 Every November for the last four years I have attended a retreat. The first year Jane came wishing to lose weight, Andrea had a problem with her husband, Tom wanted to quit smoking. The first year every person sincerely wanted to change, and the second year, and the third year and the fourth year, they sincerely wanted to change. Nobody has changed. So Jane still suffers from low self-esteem, she seems to get bigger each time we see her. Andrea can’t leave Keith and they’re both miserable — now Andrea is having an affair.

Beyond Reason

This early morning I am reading in the coffee shop.  Beethoven is playing softly. I can smell roasting coffee and sweets, people are coming and going.  I am reading Beyond Reason - a book about negotiations. I found interesting Core Concerns (human wants, often unspoken or unrecognized) that influence the way we feel about our worklife.

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