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Workplace satisfaction is about getting your needs met. First there is a recognition that the work you do is a vital part of who you are. What you need to do that work well is something we want to recognize here with our talks about you and the work. When needs are not met stress and negativity enter in. Instead enter here and vent or hear about positive change.

Other People's Stuff

Have you or do you at times feel depressed by what others are doing you know is wrong. Have you ever felt like an unappreciated victim at work? I did and here is my story.

This was a time when I was teaching 911 at a vocational college. I was the union steward and called into a nasty situation involving a couple of teachers who were being disciplined, maybe fired. The college administration lied flat out and in arbitration denied what they said. We won and one teacher was vindicated by the arbitration but really then his reputation was dirt at the college.

Whiners, complainers, miserable co-workers?

 Ever get totally annoyed by your whimpering, whining, complaining, worried co worker, nabor, or friend.  Stressful to have to listen to this time after time -- OMG you just want to say... Stop it -  you are really a ridiculous human.  Or is there another way?  As a mediator I often have clients who repeat the same complaints ad naseum about things that happened years ago.  Why ...because they never felt heard.  Hearing (not necessarily agreeing) is the best way to shut someone up.

I Hear Ya

Text If You Can't - or Won't?

 I don't know if maybe your friends and family are different from mine....but I do know that some people CAN call they don't - ever - ever never -  they text and only text instead of calling.  My brother non only texts, his texts are books and too often I get sucked in and text back six times until finally I catch myself.  Hey, why don't we just talk?

Writing Down The Love

 Four Twenty Twelve - there is something so beautiful about writing down a memory to reflect on 

They Should Do Things Different....Sigh!!!

Stuff happens in the Comm Center that often hangs on like a burr on your tail  What can you do about the that things are not as you wish they were, and should be...AND ALL THE PEOPLE NOT DOING THINGS 'RIGHT'??

First change the word 'should to could'.  They could do things the way you think they 'should' be done but they do not.  They could, they choose not to for reasons either you understand or do not understand.

The Smell Of Resentment

Dear Dispatcher (Supervisor, Manager, Whomever)....this is an actual reply by the way to one person who loves the work hates the job but feels she can't quit.
Dear Stuck,
I have read your letter and I see that you have been devalued, hurt and wronged by your workplace peers and administration.  You ask what I think you should do because you love your job.  I would recommend the following.
You have a lot of painful history.

What?? 911 An Actual Career???

For many years High Schools have provided their seniors with choices of possible career paths through vocational technical ed.  Want to be a carpenter, a nurse, a police officer, a firefighter?  Now, how about 9-1-1!  That's right finally recognized as a great career!  Click here for their Facebook.  And their website here. 

I think this is a very good thing...what do you think?

Poo and coffee

So this morning I was standing in line at Starbucks in the cold at 6:30 AM (an outside order window).  A tall man stood front of me.  "What does your hair say?" I asked.  He turned around smiling, "Poo, that's my nickname."  Like PooBear I said.  Yes, but he only used Poo.  He had Poo carved in his hair by the way. 

Got Trust Issues?

During a consulting job at an agency that had ridiculously high turnover, low morale and conflict I offered a PERFECT COMM CENTER survey to the entire staff regarding how they see their agency (no cost, I would review it).  It could be anonymous. I got this letter. (Also if you would like this survey please let me know).  

Hi Sue, I/we do not trust that we will be given the information from the survey so what is the use of this - another survey and nothing happens?

Hi Becky,

Compassion Fatigue...AGAIN??

I don't know about you but there are times I turn off the tv, the news, Facebook and everything the world has to offer for news.  Maybe I can't see one more pelican in a cardboard box looking up helplessly - covered with oil.  Or one more picture of the children linked together leaving the school.  Or a political argument or an ad about abused animals, the tiny kitten with the injured eye.  Enough is enough - I retreat.  Not because I don't care, not because I have become numb to the pain in the world and not because there is nothing I can do.

Thought of the day

Whenever possible ...... be kind.......... 
P.S.  It's always possible   :)  I know you don't believe me and.........

'Demoted' To Dispatch - REALLY?

Sue ...Thought you would find this a bit disturbing as I did….
So, this is what the Gilbert AZ police think of a demotion!….
 A Gilbert (Ariz.) police officer who shot and wounded a shoplifting suspect while off-duty last August has been disciplined with a demotion to dispatcher. Andrew Biggs told investigators he feared for his life when he confronted a man and woman at a local Wal-Mart store, and struggled with the woman as the man advanced on him.


At which point did I relinquish fear
And give up comparing myself to others
Or be concerned much about judgment
Because I esteemed myself more.

A Promise

Once Upon A Time, before time existed in a place some call Heaven, there were many gatherings to determine many things. The Angel Of Lifework was busy determining who would entertain, who would care for teeth, who would move the earth and the like. One decision was to determine which souls would be interested in caring for others. 
A group stepped forward and they were called Public Servants. Next the Angel Of Lifework called out for a certain number of this grouping that were interested in safety of others. This group was called Public Safety and they were praised for their bravery and willingness to risk human life for the love of others.   A promise was made and then there was a great celebration. 

Every Dispatcher Should Have

One old love (and a new one) …. to think about on graveyard

Thoughts On A Rainy Windy Day

1. You are a part of the 911 Tribe - be very proud that you have good work to do every day that makes a difference in the world – lucky YOU.

I'm Humbled

Friday I spent the entire day listening to 911 calls for training.  What I left feeling was profound gratitude for you all.  The compassion, skill and bravery of all of you answering calls in people's darkest hour was astonishing. 

I could go on and on with praise for the kindness and care - not to mention the professionalism and SKILL.  All I can say is I am truly proud of working for you in any capacity.   


Free Will

Every morning I walk down the hill (towards the water) to Starbucks get my Pike Place light ice and then walk back up the hill.  Every morning this tall blonde sailor guy sits on a bench in front of his apartment and smokes and drinks coffee from his huge mug. It's one of those apartments above a business.  I don't know him but we always exchange words as I am zooming by. 

We Deserve Better

If you get a gift from a friend that is something you want - you feel happy and grateful.  If you get something you believe violates the 'rules' you have the right to be angry ...right?  What are the rules. 

How you feel about something of course is directly related to what you 'expect' or what you 'want' or what you feel is 'right' - believe is right - know is right and good.   In this work there are people who believe: 

She Fell

 Help! A dispatcher just past probation made a mistake and now has just lost all her confidence and is making mistakes. The agency has given her 6 months or she will lose her job.  Ideas?

No Gossip 911 Proclamation

I am currently sitting in the hotel business center writing this feeling joyous about what just happened at the Comm Center. 

Shortly I will be  headed home from a very amazing facilitation - then off to the ocean for July 4 with my family. 

Being Present

I am working with a 9-1-1 Center deep into negativity, stress and dysfunction.  From the floor to the administration everyone is dragging around painful history.  All believe they are trapped victims.

This month Professional Pride moved 911Trainer.com to a more advanced setting.  After much persuasion by our web designer, we finally agreed to risk this change.  Our perception was tainted by a past negative experience that was costly and frustrating from a 'previous' web company (now out of business).

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