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Get all titles of the Exceptional Trainer on one disk. See all titles here. Huge discount on what you would pay separately and all the needed knowledge of adult learning here. Great for train the trainer in service or discussion. Get the Exceptional Trainer book and workbook separately for each of your trainers. Often purchased in quantity so all trainers can discuss the concepts and ideas put forward in this inspirational hardcopy book. A rare find. "I created the Exceptional Trainer at the end of my degree process on Adult Learning at Antioch University. The thing is, the ten adult learning theories needed to be applied to this unique setting. I trained in the Comm Center for eleven years and had I known many of these things my life and the trainees life would have been much easier. In fact, I think there were a few people I could have saved! And I am sure I would have felt better knowing when someone wasn't right for this work, I had done all I could to 'facilitate their learning in a safe environment'. For that is the primary goal of the Comm Center trainer. I love training so these ideas are practical and useful. I wouldn't waste you time for sure. I know of lot of information given to our CTOs, although good and solid, may not work in this crazy profession." Sue Pivetta

In Service Training Ideas


 We know sometimes it's difficult to find great topics or training aids for your in service or more experienced Telecommunicators, Supervisors or Trainers.  We have tons of ideas and products to stimulate discussion and have fun learning and remembering as well as realizing you are doing things right!  YEA.  Take a look here just to get some great ideas. 

Exceptional Trainer Package SALE


Get all titles of the Exceptional Trainer on one disk. 7 Power Points to inspire and support your train the trainer courses. Discount on what you would pay separately and all the needed knowledge of adult learning here.

Teaching Common Sense


What exactly is common sense and are we born with it or not?  Can you teach common sense? This training will open your eyes and give you some great ideas about the goddess of common sense.  Add common sense training to your program!   Download Free Adobe Flash Player Here   

Teaching Adults (2)


Customers favorite because each one not only gives you 10 adult learning theories but we bring each alive with creative ways to speed up learning. You can - improve retention and create a safe learning for all.  The most favored part of the Exceptional Trainer workshop.  Download Free Adobe Flash Player Here.  (2) Set

Improving Evaluations (2)


 Do you LOVE evaluations? Giving them? Getting them? You should! You could!  A must see if you aren't completely satisfied with your evaluation process or form.  So much good information this topic turned into two full presentations narrated by Sue.  Download FREE Flash Player Here  Two for one price here, the subject is so large and we have so much to share there are two presentations. 

Avoiding Trainer Burn Out


You may be surprised by what burn out is and is not. Come on in and take a look. This is a great tool for generating a discussion at your trainer's meetings.  Comes with our best seller Compassion Fatigue 9-1-1.  Download Free Adobe Flash Player Here

Improving Multi-Tasking Skills


You'll love this one. There are tasks, then there are many tasks and we expect the learner to be able to pull it all together even though we admit they can't do one or many of the individual tasks at a level that can be integrated.  Get me on this?  Come and see what I'm talking about.  

Handling Conflict


Understanding Conflict is the first step in handling conflict.  What part does the trainer or supervisor play?  Sue is a certified mediator and teaches mediation for the Dispute Resolution Center. Learn to become the peacemaker because no one has to change but you.  Just imagine having all peacemakers at your agency.  Ahhhh Download Your Flash Player for this download.
Handling Conflict In The Workplace

Exceptional Trainer Book


Trainers this is a no nonsense guide to training in the Comm Center.  Don't get discouraged or overwhelmed, GET THIS BOOK!  See 911 Magazine review below.  Don't stop with this book see the Exceptional Trainer series of adult learning training.  Not an ebook.

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