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Stress Management

Are you a manager, supervisor, trainer or telecommunicator? You can trust the common sense, outspoken and inspiring words of our professional educators who open up to you with real answers, real insight and actual help in dealing with everyday stress in this highly charged profession.

Becoming the Peacemaker In The Comm Center


View Here  Resentment, sabotage, grievances, militancy, micromanagement, absent management, More Info

Compassion Fatigue for 9-1-1


This eBook was written  for those that work answering 9-1-1.  In addition to a true training on compassion fatigue, what it is, how to recognize it, what to do about it - there is a personal survey for those who may be experiencing this condition specifically for our 911 professionals.  Great In Service Survey!

9-1-1 Wellness + Yoga and Journal Hardcopy


What is the cost of sending someone to a stress workshop?  $99? And OT etc etc etc.  However when you give each of your people this beautiful set of books for $74 they have a year of journaling, yoga, and exercises and reading to learn more about their own personal stress.  

Tell them you value them, invest in them!  Surprise them and send them each one UPS!  For Telecommunicators Month!  

They will get (3) books. (1) hardcopy (2) on disk tucked into the front cover.  Wellness is 10 Chapters of Personal Exercises to Neutralize Personal and Professional Stressors. BOOK REVIEW from Gary Allen - Dispatch Monthly Magazine.  Three books now! 'Yoga' and '10-20 Journal' for unlimited use on CD to add to your training eLibrary. You need this book for great console workbook for each person to review their own stress management and current wellness!  Great for academies or inservice.  See the book here. 

Breaking out of Negativity Workshop Package


NENA BOOK REVIEW COMMENT:  "Ultimately, this two-piece set is a great resource for anyone in the communications center and provides readers with lessons on how to deal with a difficult situation without having to attend an offsite workshop." Angela Ruiz NENA ENP.  

Chill Out Stress Kit - Stress Exercise


LOOKING FOR INSERVICE TRAINING "CHILL OUT was more beneficial than an 8 hour 911 stress seminar I took!"  Nancy Kitts, Portland.  (And cost you less and you own it!)  "One of my students left the room and cried when she realized the amount of stress she was under.  When she came back I gave her the infomation to learn what to do.  It's Awesome."  Donna CPTC

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