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Skillbuilding Exercises.

We push a lot of knowledge but what about skills. Are you really wanting to put them on the console to learn multi tasking or choosing call types or taking descriptions or handling a pursuit. Should we go on.... no these games and exercises work to build skills AND improve performance BEFORE the console. Get them floor ready and have fun training and learning.

Zone Skills Test Packets Unlimited Copies


 For your coprighted Zone candidate and trainee testing. Now to save for our clients print as many as you need.  Previously cost us and you $5 a booklet.  Now you can make your own until the end of time!  Offers Official Site License for printing answer books. 

9-1-1 Zone, Skills Testing, Promotions


OUR BEST SELLER!  A 3 part skills training and skills evaluation package. Train Trainers to evaluate skills.  A simple look into a person's skill level in several areas relevant to emergency call taking and dispatching. Comes hard copy AND all 3 sections located on a DVD.  View attachments.  Now includes Promotions Zone. 

Teach and Evaluate Skills With
'The 9-1-1 Zone'

HazMat Training 9-1-1 Call Cards


(8) Actual 911 HazMat calls of chemical spill injuries.  Dispatcher's nightmare unless you prepare.  Love this product!

eGAME Liability Jeopardy-download


Liability scares our people - what do they need to know.  Terms and vocabulary for sure. This game is included in all Jeopardy Games on a CD that is shipped. 


eGAME EMS Jeopardy-download


If you have EMD In Service Mandatory Training you need this.  EMD vocabulary, knowledge and skills. This game allows you to use our questions or add some of your own!  Make it your own with a change in vocabulary or other EMD rules or ways of being.

eGAME 9-1-1 Job Jeopardy-download


You guessed it - a Jeopardy game about the job of 9-1-1. Great for the academy, new hires, public presentations. Public Education this is a MUST HAVE. This game is included in all Jeopardy Games on a CD that is shipped.  

eGAME 'The Weakest Link'-download


 This game is included in all Jeopardy Games on a CD that is shipped. Power Point exercise for training, public education, a learning break. Weakest Link is a template for you to use to make up

eGAME Fire Jeopardy-download


Fire Vocabulary and terms. No better way to learn concepts like ICS and safety issues.  MAKE IT YOUR OWN with our easy instructions.  Great for In Service, new concepts, your academy or recruits.  It's a great game.   You can also get this in the full Jeopardy game set. 

Gameshow Delux Package (Jeopardy)


When you need those great games that use Power Point on a CD, this is for your training program.  You want to hit home and add fun to your training and put people on the spot to know more. For your CITIZENS ACADEMY or your Become a 911 Operator Seminar.  Just all around a great Trainer's Tool.  Invest in your training program today with this tool for learning. 

9-1-1 Zone - Skills Training and Testing

Hi Donna,

 Thank you for the speedy reply! We have used The 9-1-1 Zone for years and it is the only test we use for pre hires in our comm center. I wasn't sure if there are new recordings or if the scenarios have changed. The reason I ask is we have some candidates that retake the test up to three times a year and we do not want them to know what the scenarios are.

Say What? - Call Taker Training


Too too funny! A comedian and a dispatcher get together and play calls. Instant Download pdf game sheets and audio files for much fun in the classroom taking calls from a very odd assortment of people and a very calm and organized call taker. 

Police Set - Games and Exercises (4) on CD


For All Levels   Isolating Radio and phone skills to practice.  Kick Butt, Descriptions, Controlled Chaos, Prepare to Copy - Download audio and mp3 in a zip file.  Way fun and great training helper for getting the true nature of the work of Police Communications

Call Taking Set- Games & Exercises on CD


Too Fun!  Four games and exercises that teach 9-1-1 call taking 'skills', these were created in a college setting.  Our most popular game often used for hiring exams. 

EMD Set- Games & Exercises on CD


Great for hours of EMD beginner training.  EMD ABC, EMD Short RPT, Pair-O Medics - for learning or enhancing skills of EMD. If you need in service this is a fun opening exercise.  

5 CD Package All Games & Exercises


Jam Packed with '5' CDs with our games and exercises.  Jeopardy and all the skills games - EVERYTHING.  Police, Fire, EMS, Call Taking and Gameshow Delux - too much fun to think about. Game Masters on CD to copy forever.  Best Value! SAVE $52 if purchased separately.

Hi Donna,Just want to let you know that I am using the

The Call Taking games and Police Call Cards...love 'em!  John Taguding.

In Pursuit - Trainer's Game


Complete pursuit training packet - CD game and workbook on CD for endless copies.  OR INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Fun way to learn!!!  One of the features is that your students will hear a pursuit...or how a pursuit is done and they can put the directions in a simulation with CAD, is great fun and there are maps if you want to just do this in the classroom for some fun.  You can use it to teach echoing or corrections in the officers directions. 

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