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Teaching Adults (2)

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Adult Learning Concepts Come Alive

(2) Sue Pivetta Narrated Train the Trainer Shows 10  Teaching Adults comes in two very packed learning for your trainers Parts 1 and 2.  Both theory and Comm Center real world application.  2 Power Points and 2 Flash Files..


Within this 'two part' unit of study we will talk about the adult learning theories that can be found in any college level course. If these concepts are implemented you will find many stressors of being an agency trainer disappear.  We show you how to apply the concepts that have been around in colleges and adult learning for years and years.

Trainers will find out what may keep new hires in a state of fear or confusion and therefore not learning. We take each theory and apply it with practical tips for positive change. And for some trainers, this is a confirmation of some fuzzy concepts they knew all the time but now are confirmed.








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